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I've heard a lot on the grapevine about a significant shortage of regular officers to fill non-crunchy SO3 jobs, and even that some capbadges are keen on giving them to TA / RARO in preference to DE officers.

Is this true?

Since such posts come under the "Generic Officers" bit of the RAOL its hard to gauge the level of demand / types of posts, and posting off an EPP to RMAC seems to be more an act of hope than expectation.

Anyone know more?
A phone call to Glasgow would be a good start. They are very helpful about this sort of thing.
Yup, done that. Resulted in being put onto my capbadge rep, who cheerfully told me he didnt deal with FTRS and referred me back to RMAC, who asked me to fill in yet another EPP.

EPPs seem to disappear into the ether. Are they entered onto a database? My suspicion from my experience, and that of friends, is that success seems to rely on regimental contacts ( which don't work for staff jobs ) or fortuitously calling the RMAC at the right time, when an empty post is on their desk needing to be filled imminently.

Has anyone on ARRSE got a staff job as a result of one?

edit to take account of The Outcast's post. The RAOL - its true - does have some staff jobs, but only a scant few which doesn't reflect the demand I'd expect ( admittedly anecodotally ) and the remainder are under "Generic Officers" which brings you, again, to an EPP.


A quick Ctrl F of the RAOL list for SO3 found approx 13 jobs, out of 27 hits. As you already appear to be on FTRS speak to your POC in Glasgow.

I don't know the ins and outs of how it would be viewed as to quitting one FTRS post in favour of another. It may be worth speaking informally to the bods in Glasgow to see how this would be viewed.

I am currently on FTRS as an SO3 so if I can be of further assistance then by all means PM me.

Having just re-read your last post I would imagine the FTRS help desk would still be your best bet, I can give the names of the more helpful bods if that helps.
Thanks McVicar, a PM with the name of the guy you'd reccomend would be useful and much appreciated.

I found a list of E1 Inf Jobs and E2 S03 jobs on the MCM site. They show when some E1 jobs are boarded this year, and which E2 posts have been filled. So you can infer from each of those when the ones they allude to open. But they don't cover all Inf SO3 E1 and E2 jobs - ideally I was hoping to find a "master list" of all SO3 jobs. Either the links alluded to on the MS page are inactive, or perhaps only open to DII users. Either way I'll muddle through.

Given that the MS newsletter indicated that MCM are really keen to up the number of FTRS it would be handy to make oportunities more transparent online, especially given how unreliable the flow of info can be in the TA, Hennce quite a few jobs seem to go on a regimental / personal connection.

Thanks again McVicar, and also to CC_TA for the PM.


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