SO2 (TA) staff post in Reserves Directorate at Army HQ available soon

The TA SO2 staff officer post in the Reserves Directorate at Army HQ in Andover will be available soon and at a right old interesting time too. The forthcoming White paper, FR20 and Army2020 are a-calling out for actual TA input on Reserves issues.

The work is interesting and the regular staff very supportive. I commute to it once a week (for a full day) from quite a way away and other TA officers do too so don't constrain your aspiration and career development by thinking you're too far from Andover to attend.

It's a good post for Majors who've done OC and looking for some high level staff officer experience before perhaps moving either to senior Regimental Duty or getting exposure to Army HQ. And clearly from a career point of view getting some face time here can be very useful.

In addition to all that you can make a significant contribution and your voice is heard.

If you're interested please pm me. It should be out on MS web soon.




I assume your one day per week is during Monday to Friday? Is there any scope for doing the job over weekends, or has Andover not got the flexibility for that?

If not, it is another one of those jobs that really should be going to the best person for the role, but will end up going to the best person who can afford to take a day per week away from whatever their usual career is.
You couldn't do the post solely on weekends no. You do need one day a week at Army HQ but that said, the office is used to TA personnel with irregular working hours. Thinking about it, you could probably do it on half a day a week in the office but you would need to make the rest up on DII at home (with an army laptop).

Victorian_Maj... Do I sense some enthusiasm? Fancy the job spec? No? :)

It genuinely is interesting, especially at the present time with what's going on. You get treated like a grown up both day-to-day and in the responsibilities you're given.


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