so2 accommodation in london

Soon to be posted to either PJHQ or MOD as an SO2. Can anyone advise on where the best housing (maried accompanied) would be in either post? I can commute from my current pad until the right place comes along, if waiting lists were an issue.


Stanmore suits both - for Town its just a 5 min walk to the station and straight on the Jubilee line. Old Church Lane has some good houses and some good blokes live there. Its about 10-15 min drive to Northwood and there are some decent bars restaurents in Stanmore.

PM me if you want the low down on Kingston, Bushey, Bushey Heath or Northwood.



I've had a couple of stints in The Keep, Kingston - it's 15 mins on foot from the mainline to Waterloo, schools, shops etc all good and Richmond Park is a short walk away. People generally hail from the RCDM, MOD and the PD Bn in Hounslow.

However, standard of quarter can vary there tremendously.

Feel free to pm me if you want further info.


Currently living in Stanmore (been here 3 yrs now) and working at PJHQ. Mainly juniors and seniors here though. All the "adults" get sent to Bushey or Northwood itself!! Stanmore is only a 10 min drive to PJHQ but you have to navigate through Chavtown (South Oxhey). It's good for London though.
Thanks for replies - wifey would probably prefer Kingston (My views do not come into it). Am I able to choose this loc or is it a case of get-what-your-given-when-it-comes-up-type-thing?

Bushey or Bushey Heath?


Bushey Heath. Bushey is a sh*thole. I lived in the Keep (Kingston) as a singly and it was great but I know for a fact the current Mrs bt80 would have hated the standard of accom. We are now in Bushey Heath and it is really good. 30 mins to run to Northwood or 10 mins in a car. We were offered a basha in Bushey and upon visiting Mrs bt80 burst into tears.

The only drama with Bushey Heath is to get to town you have to get a bus to Stanmore before jumping on the Jubilee line however for Northwood it is ideal. Accom at Northwood is great too however I am told there is an 8 month waiting list.

DHE for all these areas work from Uxbridge and are hopeless - be warned!