SO2/3 G2 - what capbadge should they be?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Keep the current system. Gives us someone to blame when it all goes pete tong.

  2. Make them all Green Slime. We always know best.

  1. to quote Op_Int_and_Spy: "Never mind the "talented amateurs" (non Corps G2) in a Bde/Div HQ. You now have the thrusting ( and most of them are complete thrusters, although for some reason the new female DEs I've come across (no pun intended) are miles better than the blokes) OC MI who tries his hardest to suck up to the COS/Bde Comd! He usually then f**ks up the INTSUM or commits a Sy howler, if only they knew that they know nothing........ 2 stripes and 5 years service beats 2 pips and 5 months into their first tour!!!"

    With the above quote in mind, I thought might canvass opinion on the staff officers debate. Should SO2/3 G2 at Bde or Div be Int Corps? or should they keep the current system, where you could have a complete throbber with not a f***ing clue come into one of the most important jobs on the staff?

    Obviously, it is a very personality-dependent issue. Personally, I resented the knob I used to work for being the visible frontman of the G2 Branch. He could singlehandedly f*ck up hours and hours of good work by the MI Section with his layman's "understanding" of Combat Int. How much more smoothly exercises ran when the SO2 was unfortunately away, and his place was taken by someone more capable. Like a Sgt.

    How I smiled when he got sacked for being incompetent (eventually). I tried to help the tw*t for best part of 2 years, we all covered for his incompetence as best we could. But he was just too good for us and had to go on to bigger and better things unfortunately. He is now SO2 tropical kit issue on Benbecula.
  2. A number of interesting issues here.

    1. the MS system: MS requires that orrifices perform staff duty at E2 to broaden their horizons. I cant see the majority of the teeth arms gving up such a large slice of the action.

    2. With there being so many transferee officers in the Intelligence Corps, I don't think they are going to listen to what the soldiers have got to say anyway.

    3. Int Corps or E2, they are probably not going to meet any of you again in the remainder of their Army carrear, so why should they give a fcuk?? Forget all the other principles of intelligence except: " Face time is critical"

    4. Slime have no grasp of the G3 perspective, how could we possibly let them brief??

    Chin chin
  3. presumably just said for a bite, but after 3-6 months in the job, with a few exercises, i'm sure they have enough of a grasp of G3 to make sense. Many of us have never had the dubious privilege of attending sandhurst or listening to lots of fascinating lectures on doctrine and tactics, but i certainly held my own at the birdtable when there were no "grown ups" around to do their job. (i.e. getting face time and taking credit for MI section products and analysis ;)) Never had a credibility problem with the general or brigadiers, whether it was orders or just the shift change brief.

    But then i am green slime and knew what i was talking about :lol:
  4. We have all seen junior staff Officers who lack experience however where else do you think they will gain that experience. Surely the whole reason that we support the SO3 G2 with an MI section is to create a team that meets the requirement.

    Your logic of replacing the staff Officer with the Sgt is flawed. Have there ever been any poor Int Sgts? Would the Bde HQ have been better served if that bloke was the SO3 G2? I don't think so. Besides you answer your own question by pointing out that the Officer's incompetence led to his sacking. Have you never had a good SO3 G2 who although inexperienced learnt from you and did the job well?
  5. This is actually more complex than it first appears. Due to the vagaries of the officer career structure, all promising Ruperts must ensure they have a command posting and a staff posting before they can realistically get promoted to half-colonel. Added to this is the fact that there are more G2 slots out there than the Corps can actually fill, and you are left with little choice other than to farm them out to other Corps and Regiments. Don't forget that, based on the same system, you will get Int Corps officers in G1 and G3 staff posts as a result, often to the advantage of the Corps when they eventually return.
    My own experience would suggest that 10% of them are brilliant, 60% are more than capable of doing the job and it's just the remainder who are idiots. In fairness, that's not much worse than the figures I would produce if I was talking about Int corps officers or ORs. One guy I worked for in particular hated the Int Corps, refused to speak to them unless absolutely necessary, treated his Int Cell like a bunch of lackeys and did more damage to the cause of Int in one tour than anyone I know.
  6. i never suggested replacing them with Sgts. thats a ridiculous idea for countless reasons. i just pointed out that having someone who knew what they were talking about seemed to work ok! rather than the amateurs who are stuck in there from time to time, with no real interest in Int and just doing their time in a staff job, working to get themselves the best CR they can and f*ck the MI section.
  7. was this in about 2001 by any chance? :)
  8. SO2 G2 is a dangerous place to be whatever the cap badge. Not only have you to stand by your guns in the G2 forum, you also compete with the testosterone ridden G3 thrusters who will invariably attempt to make the G2 look stupid whenever the Bde/Div Commander is around. This is further exacerbated by the introduction of the 7 Questions and Collaborative Working (within the digital CP), where an understanding of both G2 and G3 functions has become the norm, and the lines between the two branches has become blurred, (ISTAR/Collection/Effects based planning etc). Experience counts, however, how can the sprogs learn the business if they are not exposed to the heat? It's not a job I either envy or covet, and whether you are a Bona Fide Slime or a Muggle good luck to you!
  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I am probably opening myself up to incoming, but as a non-slime former SO3/2 G2 I think CR is guilty of 'big hand, small map' on this issue. In general, you don't tend to get a 'key' appointment like that if you are a total stroker (although there are always exceptions), and a prerequisite for the job is that you are course qualified. I have a lot of respect for most slime I worked with in camp, on ex and on ops, but I would never generalise their ability and personality on the basis of their cap badge. A lot of what is required for successful G2/ISTAR is simply common sense and organisation, which are not the exclusive domain of your fine corps.
  10. Common sense and organisation? Shurely Shum Mishtake!
  11. I'll let you know after Telic 7 ;)