Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by phil245, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    A policeman applies to join the Metropolitan police's firearms unit ( SO19), he competes the course and is sitting in the office of the head of SO19. The head says to him " great news, you have passed all the tests with top marks, we just have one last aptitude test for you." He hands the officer a 17 shot Glock pistol and says " Take this and go and shoot 8 black men, 8 Asian men and a rabbit" The officer looks at him and says " why shoot a rabbit?" The head says to him " Excellent answer, you start Monday."
  2. Why bother...he'd only miss anyway!
  3. Obama holds a contest at Camp David between the FBI, the CIA and the LAPD. He shows them a rabbit, then releases it into the woods. The team who catch the rabbit are the winners.

    The FBI team go first. One hour later they return and tell Obama, "Mr President, we found the rabbit. However, since it had not commited a Federal Crime, we were forced to let it go."

    "Bullshit," says Obama, "You did'nt find the rabbit."

    The CIA team go next. An hour later they return and tell Obama, "Mr President, we caught the rabbit and put it on an Extraordinary Rendition Flight to Camp X Ray."

    "Bullshit", says Obama, "You guys did'nt find the rabbit."

    The LAPD team are last to go into the woods. One hour later they drag a naked, hand-cuffed black man out and throw him down if front of Obama. The prisoner has been shot in the legs, one of his arms is broken, there are several Taser marks on his body and his face is swollen and bloody from repeated baton strikes. He looks up at Obama and screams,

    "OK! I confess - I'm the fcuking rabbit!!"
  4. Hahaha!

    Just one thing though, shouldn't that be 'I is the fucking rabbit'??
  5. thats fucking shocking,disgraceful and wrong

    they've been CO19 for a few years