SO19 officers arrested!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by subbsonic, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. I might have some issues over the way that SO19 are deployed: <excessive use of duty of care>

    However the arrests announced tonight just take the biscuit!

    Am I the only person who thinks that "PC" has gone mad when it takes 6 years to find some new evidence? If these blokes were working within their ROE, how come it has come to this?

    Someone will say better to be tried by 12 , than carried by six; but this is an arrest too far to my mind.

    There are many ex army contributors to this forum, now with the "job", but what do the majority think about this??
  2. Not one of those you refer to, but stories like this almost make me feel sympathetic to the idea that a risk assessment form (in triplicate) should be completed before the size tens leave the station door.
  3. Surrey Plod claims new forensic evidence and interestingly the two officers in question have also been charged with "Attempting to Pervert the Courses of Justice".
  4. Sometimes the size tens have to leave pretty damn pronto, there is not the time to fill in yet another bloody form for the REMFs. Ever tried filling in a RA form? When things are happening............very very quickly?
    They're the most spineless, back covering, lack of bottle peice of aarse wipe I've ever had the misfortune to blatantly cut and paste.
  5. The worrying thing is that we in the Army will be next.... ROE questions are already being circulated after the TELIC incidents :cry:
  6. New evidence that is older than 6 yrs has been used to put criminals away and release innocent from jail. So for the police to be bitching ......

    SO19 went on unoffical strike over these 2 will they do that again ? if not why not ?
  7. KO so who/what is SO19 ?
    Pleading the 11%

  8. The major hazard isn't from any immediate operational threat. It's to the individual's subsequent career, marriage, pension and mental well being, from both the law and the press. If the threat of having all these things crash into a brick wall is demanded of every responder, in all the services, then he /she should be fully 'insured' by his/her service to wholly mitigate the effects. Idiocy like the incident recently where someone bled to death while the Police considered their options, this one, Pte Clegg, etc etc shouldn't be an issue beyond the first comprehensive inquiry.

    (Then you get Col Collins and all the others operating in very lop-sided circumstances ...)
  9. The Met Armed response squad
  10. Something has always stunk about the way Harry Staneley was killed yards from his door, so what happened?

    He stopped off on his way home for a pint in a pub, he was carrying a plastic bag with a table leg in it. A pub customer was suspicious and phoned the police saying an Irish man (Stanley was actually Scottish) had a sawn off shot gun in a plastic bag.
    By the time the police caught up with him he was yards from his home, I understand he was also deaf and he was shot in the back according to some reports.
    Hardly posing a threat was he?

    We pay these arseoles to protect us and when they do a sloppy job they deserve what they get, however if they have tampered with evidence then it's pretty obvious they have something to hide.
  11. Given that CO QLR is up for trial over something his boys (allegedly) did while he was miles away, presumably the Commissioner will be in the dock over this one!!

    Hark-is that the sound of an umbrella being raised?
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Any links to this story please ?
  13. Met officers held in murder probe

    If evidence has been tampered with then crack on.

    However the world has changed since 1999. If this goes to trial, unless the case focuses on tampering with evidence, it is going to impact on armed officers deployed on a daily basis to counter the threat of suicide bombings.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Cheers for that Subsonic, the names helped.
  15. ''We pay these arseoles to protect us and when they do a sloppy job they deserve what they get, however if they have tampered with evidence then it's pretty obvious they have something to hide.''

    Hint of bitterness for some reason.

    If you'd done your job, correctly in your view, and had to endure 6 years of wondering if youre going to jail, where as a copper youll be beaten, slashed, p1ssed on etc for the next 20 years.

    whilst your wife has left you and have no chance of life on release,

    all cos you'd done what was considered to be right.

    bet you'd be a bit p1ssed off?
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