I see that there is a new SO1 LE in the chair within RLC MCM Div (CSS Offrs) in Glasgow. Given the pedigree and nature of the bloke I reckon that the LE community is about to see a step-change in the level of service (not that I know the other bloke or am casting aspersions)!

Could it be that common-sense is prevailing and that Glasgow is about to have an influx of quality individuals, with career and man management in mind; tempered with a bit of "the needs of the Army"?

In the current climate and with unsteady waters ahead I think that the new bloke is exactly the right Captain of the good ship LE.
It's funny how the long and winding road of a full military career can meander through the valley of life. I remember when the new SO1 LE had days to do in Green at the pinnacle of his first career. He was a hairs breadth away from goatee and earrings at!

Thankfully, someone commissioned him into the LE Brotherhood and I for one, await to see the fruit of his labours up at Glasgow.

Top Bloke!
I reckon that the LE community is about to see a step-change in the level of service (not that I know the other bloke or am casting aspersions)!
Perhaps you could describe in which areas you see this 'step change' occurring. I recollect that the SO LE (not SO1 as you state - and an appointment title that is deliberate and which speaks volumes about its perceived value) had 4 main functions, these being:

Conduct routine administration for various boards.
Select officers to fill purely LE E1 appointments
Coerce LE officers to make up the numbers on AJD/ICSC
Recommend LE officers for boarding for various E2 appointments.

Items 2 and 4 he had some influence, either benign or malign, depending upon one's personal view. Apart from that there is no apparent influence in this post or any apparent means of providing an 'improved' service. After all, most officers wish merely for two things - a good posting or promotion. As previously described the former can be influenced to a certain degree, the latter not at all.

Grateful for your slant on the matter.

Sgt (Retd)
late RAOC
I could but then again you might be right (although I doubt it).

To be fair - the bloke going into the job is a top geezer. I do not know the last bloke but he left fairly sharpish; hence my comments about the level of service changing.

Simply put, the E1 appointments to which you refer will be filled with the right blokes who want to be there (in the main).
The E2 appointments will be selected well and administered as such.
Routine business will be conducted in a timely and efficient manner - supporting the other desk officers in their E2 role.
The ICSC(L) may also change a bit as the 'voice of experience' is one that the LE community respects.

Not the thesis you were expecting.....just a personal view.
Maybe he can start swinging his axe and get a grip of the desk officers as a whole, it would be most welcome news to us proles!!
Swinging axes strays outside the purview of this position I'm afraid - axe grinding, however, is another matter entirely.

The question has to be asked as to why LE officers require an LE officer to manage them, and why they can't be absorbed into mainstream business, be the desk officer for this LE or DE. Or do LE require some special kind of management that only a fellow LE can provide? Or is it simply a case of finding a Lt Col slot for the LE community?


masters - how many have you met who cannot deploy or pass a PFA? I do not think I know of any LEs who were commissioned anything other than MFD? I certainly would not recommend anyone for a commission if they were not MFD
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