Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Santa_Sunday, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. ......being convicted as a Drunk Driver will stop you from getting your LS&GC - or have it taken back at least, but not from getting promoted to Lt Col....

    See the pink list for more details...
  2. PM me mate and let it all out.
  3. Isn't that a key feature of the Rehabilitation of offenders act though? Once you've done your time like a man, you are allowed to carry on from where you were. If promotion eligibility was cancelled based on a spent conviction then the MOD would get its ass kicked in court. LS&GC doesn't follow those rules - it's up to some shady arbitration panel (probably a clerk in the medals office who enjoys having a laugh at regimental conduct sheets)
  4. Although it can´t stop promotion, i´d imagine it would prevent him being a CO of a regiment.

    Yoou can hardly punish a bloke for DD if you yourself were a convicted knob head (of the same offence).

    Prey tell more.
  5. As its is LS&GC its not going to be a DE officer is it. Chances are this is the LE list and I think I know the one you mean, top bloke as it goes.

    Its great having an ivory tower to sit in, though a day out is recommended.
  6. Like starting a war in the middle east, then going out there as a peace envoy?
  7. It does smack of silliness diesb´t it PD. Bit like his mrs claiming he will volunteer for "dangerous" jobs. I thought he was a peace envoy not a TA Tom in a fire team.
  8. Who's the 'knob head'.....??
  9. Anyone who drinks and drives, regardless of whether they are convicted or not, IMHO.
  10. Can anyone PM me the name of this person, canm't seem to access it.