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Couldnt find if there was a sticky thread [love that term hah] for this but im just interested in what corps and regiment the people here on this lovely Arrse [again love that term too ^_^] are in or are thinging of joining.

im still in the process of joining as some of you may know through looking at other threads i've posted, but i have managed to narrow it down to what im looking to do thanks to my results on the B.A.R.B test.

Originally i was wanting to enlist as a C.M.T just for the fact my mate recommended it cos i like 'gore' and i like to help folks ^_^ and they pay was supposedly good.......but thanks to my B.A.R.B results I've changed my mind and am going to enlist in the Royal Artillery i can pick pretty much any job i want from that corps, so i still have alot of narrowing down hhaha

anyone in the R.A tell me a wee bitty about the job you do and know....make it sound appealing hahah



p.s if there is a thread already for this just move it please i coulndt find one
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