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  1. Basically im not far from handing my form in and going through the selection process, just wondering a few things

    1 - how long should I try and get fit for before handing the form in, how much time after the form do i get?

    2 - personal space, obviously lacking in the army, but really what is it going to be like at night, obviously training is going to be barracks, bogus to say the least, but what about after training, whats my living accommodation gonna be like, 1 room to how many guys? is any of it going to be my space atall?

    im hopefully entering as a metalsmith
  2. 1- Get fit and stay fit. You will still need to be fit once you're in.

    2- Depends where you go, in my time it was 12 man rooms with a bedspace each plus a bedside locker and a maim locker(wardrobe). Some were lucky and got 4 man rooms.

    Once at your unit you may end up in a single room but it could be a 2/3 man jobber. Just need to wait and see.
  3. i am reasonably fit, i do korean karate and dirt bike a lot, always do pressups before work, today is my 1st day of not smoking and actually running, only ran for about 5 minutes 2day, but im aiming to do it every day so i progress fast
  4. You ran for 5 minutes and consider yourself reasonably fit?!?

    I think you better re-assess your definition of 'fit'.
  5. should be running a lot more than 5 mins im basicaly in the same situation but im pushing myself to run 40 mins tough though but seeing good results
  6. Moto_psyco.

    To put it in to perspective...

    I am a 30 odd year young, big lad, with fcuked knees....

    I ran for an hour this morning, as I do most mornings.

    5 minutes is not going to do ANYTHING.

    Try to run for 30 mins min, even if it is just gentle jogging. Then move up to 45 mins, after about a week. Get out there 6 days a week, rest for one. After a few weeks of that, start pushing yourself, introuce fartlek etc.

    Come back and ask for advise in the "Health" forum, when you are doing 45 mins.
  7. don't go running everyday yet you'll only overdo it and injure yourself, setting you back further!

    i run Mon, Wed, Fri, mostly 4.5km in about 22min and a 270m sprints up a 20% hill afterwards.

    tried running everyday last week because i wouldn't be able to on Friday. my calf's wouldn't let me do the full distance on wednesday though...

    what i do do daily are 3 series of 20 press ups, 20 sit ups, 15 triceps dips and 20 dorsal raises though. i could do 5 but frankly i've been carrying around balcony doors all day for a living lately, up and down stairs, and also do removal work so i need a bit of a break some times! :p

    my main means of transport is my bike too which helps to keep my fitness up a bit.

    doing my first proper, timed 1.5 mile run now to see where i stand! i expect 10.30 at the most... then i'll run back
  8. i ran, it wasnt a jog,

    today is my 1st day of getting fit, no cigarettes, just done another quick 5 minutes, then when i get back home later ill do it again, tomorrow ill do the same, then the next day rest then extend the run for the following days. basically what the army training guide they gave me says, i admit my health is pretty pathetic at the moment, but i will change that
  9. You sound fit enough to join up now, go for it tiger!!
  10. Minimum of 25 mins, or you might as well not bother. Slow down if need be.
  11. try reading the fitness guide on the army website will help
  12. RAWR!!!!!

    i will be mate, i effin will be
  13. That's not a bad book, I'm using it. I'd also recommend getting some Silver Shadows from amazon too, I used to get mental pain in my shins, but not even a twinge now. Plus, I believe you're issued with a couple of pairs anyway, so you might as well get used to them.
  14. When you say run for an hour, do you really mean jog?