So you think you have problems ????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by recce-cpl, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. Was in the SQN bar on friday , guard commander brings in a new boy just tipped up from phase 2 to join my SQN . Of course its a friday night in the SQN bar so before he gets his bags into his new room he has to do the old 'yard of various german ales''. On completion of that his new crew commander gets him squared away for a room . SQMS pops his head in the bar and asks who is the new boy as he wasnt expected , the only new lad due is a pad .Turns out the new lad only got married 5 weeks ago and has since found out his wife shagging about , so he going for a divorce . Well the following day i am taking a few lads down town to get some kit, food etc for an Exercise the unit is going and feeling sorry for the new lad we invite him to come along . Having a bit of a chat with the new lad i uncover some sad facts . He is 18 years old and married to a slapper, He owns a G-reg Escort RS TURBO worth 700 quid .He pays 310 quid a month car insurance.He is 0000's in debt .Well anyway we finish our shopping in town and decide we need some British stuff for Exercise (tea bags , HP sauce, etc etc ) so my car full of recce soldiers and i go to the ''pads naafi'' . Two of us go in the shop whilst new boy and his ''two weeks'' senior mate . We were in the shop for approx 20 mins , on return to my car the new lads are nowhere to be seen , on looking up to the top of the car park we see them in the Tax free car dealers, the pair in the space of 20 mins had signed themselves up for a pair of Astra 1.6 GTi in matching colours . This is a no means shocking story , but why wasnt TPR @@@@@given a bit of guidence in training, no doubt his life is pretty f@@@ed up now so not much use as a soldier . Thing is i am mates with his new troop sgt and i can just see my mates face when he meets his new TPR in the morning .
  2. Well, it looks like the stupid little c*nt isn't capable of learning from his catologue of previous mistakes. If he hasn't taken delivery of the car he has to go back and cancel the order. He has no choice. If he and his equally stupid mate are hell bent on going through with it then I'd leave them to it. They're too thick to warrant help. He needs a chat with the RAO as well to sort out a plan to get shot of his existing debts and he njeeds watching carefully and for a long time as he appears to be a thick c*nt who will impulse buy the Titanic if it were on offer.

    You could always pop into the car dealer and let him into a few 'secrets' which will frighten him out of the deal? Or as a JNCO, drag the little tw*t to your SSM and let him have a chat and then take him to the car dealer and embarrass him into putting his hands up. The car dealer (despite the fact I hate them) has a living to make as well and you don't know what sh*t your man has told him. It's only fair to alert the car dealer.

    This sort of thing has been going on for years, it's nothing new mate. Do what you can, log it and keep your management up to speed and if the little c*nt doesn't listen, tghen he's on his own. Do not bail him out finacially, he must learn to get himself a better fiscal strategy or hope for a lottery win.
  3. Been sorted today , just popped in to see his Troop SGT . He cannot get a car with out a sig from his troop leader anyway . I cannot see him lasting too long he is on the sick already
  4. Recce, not being funny mate but if I were to bury myself up to my neck in debt for the rest of my service, I suspect I'd go for a slightly classier motor than that. That's one heap of shite motor.

  5. Don't bet on it mate...

    It maybe different in BFG, but in UK we had umpteen dramas with the boys getting chad cars from places like YES, also don't put it past the youngster to either forge the signature or pull-the-wool over the 2Lts very green eyes.

    Actually, the salesmen couldn't give a sh!te if they are bad debtors, he gets commission on the sales. If Mr/Ptx X then defaults on payments the debt is handed over to a debt collector from the finance agency.

    In my experience, these debt collectors couldn't give a t0ss about hard luck stories etc, they just work on a commission basis too...i even told one not to bother coming going Germany because he wouldn't get into the camp. He thought the GCP would escort him into camp....wrong....he didn't care just added about £900 quid to the scrotes bill for the "duty free" trip.
  6. Yeah I know. It'd have to be a 1.8 :wink: