So you hated doing Drill!

I literally can't see the point of it, I guess it's so people watching parades can get a boner or a wide-on for the ladies)., and the RSM or whoever gets to be all shouty.
You'd probably change your mind about that if you were at Waterloo and someone ordered you to form square...
The point of it was to get soldiers used to reacting instantly to commands - a precusor for the desired behaviour in battle.
Looking at the amount of time we devote to it in the British Army, I feel it could be better spent doing something else.

For starters, Afghanistan never once gave me the opportunity to form a line from the column of route. As a minimum, I’d have been stepping outside the Barma lane.


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If you kicked someone in the face with those - there's a good chance you'd blind them!
That's the gayest thing I've seen on here for months
I think that weird Greek drill is the result of translating ancient cave paintings and herioglyphics.

Much the same as Monty Python probably.
British drill is best. And the best practitioners are the Guards.

Especially the guards on the India/Pakistan border.

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