So you ended up a storeman but wanted to be a marine........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by john_k, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Many of us, after attending interviews and entrance tests at the careers office didn't quite end up where we originally wanted. (for better or worse)
    Bound to be some interesting stories about being pressured into certain units. As a kid I grew up wanting to join the Marines. Then a slight deviation in '83 after watching The Paras documentary, which lasted right up to I was in the ACIO. After a chat I listed my 3 choices it went something like this: 1. Para Reg 2. RMP 3.Pioneers bit of a mix really but I knew people in each and had thought about them for a while. After sitting the tests and been handed the list of what I could join I was glad that all 3 were available. Sorted I thought. 1 x Recruitment Sgt thought different. first off I was told I was too short for RMP, ok (5'7 and had to be 5'8 I was told) no problem, Para reg? "Pioneers? Listen son you scored enough so you don't have to do that, you'll only be doing guards etc etc" so basically put me off "Para Reg Sgt?" "They aint recruiting at the minute".........................mmmm ok but oddily enough, the same capbadge as he...was, and it was this and that, and great and skiing and this and that...just off a glossy TV commercial, you know the ones....hangliding et al. But didn't fancy it. What did I end up doing you say?.........Joined the RCT.........don't ask!...ha ha!
    (but took a meandering path to more or less achieving what I wanted)

    So share your stories of ACIO experiences.............
  2. Was swotty enough to have every job open to me. Young 15 year old who didnt have a clue...

    Me:"Wouldnt mind the Black Watch like me grandad Sergeant".
    Sarge:"Dont be daft son, you want to run around with a gun for a living?"

    Sarge:"What you want to jump out of a plane for?"

    Me: "Tankie?"
    Sarge: (who was a tankie): "Its not that great a life son"

    Me: "What will I do then?"
    Sarge: " Well son, have you ever thought of being an electrician in the Engineers?"

    Me: "Well no Sergeant, what do they do?"

    Cue long drawn out tales of derring do and adventure training with benefits.

    Must admit though, Im glad he "steered" me in that direction and if I had my time over, would make the same choice again. :wink:
  3. My dad told me the army wouldn't want me unless they recruited fat lazy thick gobshite retards to a Spaka Bn... but RLC weren't recruiting that day so I went Cav!
  4. Went into Joint Careers office - many many moons ago.

    Grumpy old looking SGT at Army desk - fit youngish bird at the RAF desk. :D

    Next thing I know I was a RAF Regt gunner. :x

    However those were good days in the 80's when Germany etc for the RAF still existed.

    Wouldn't do it today looking at the shite postings.
  5. he he he, sounds familiar :wink:
  6. I wanted to be RE surveyor. Paddy recruiting sgt told me that my maths wasn't up to the mark but I would be OK as an avionics tech. I met him again after 18 months and put him right. I ended up as a blackie.
  7. Especially in Portsmouth
  8. My dad told me the army wouldn't want me unless they recruited fat lazy thick gobshite retards to a Spaka Bn... but RLC weren't recruiting that day so I went Cav! - airfix

    Lucky Cav were recruiting fat lazy thick gobshite retards that day then, eh?
  9. Was going to the RAF to do engineering type stuff (can't tell one end of a battery from the other but OK!!). Come the day to go to back to Glasgow and start the paperwork there was a train strike so went to see the local ACO. Same day ended up signing on the line for the Grey mafia!
    Engineering to nursing - still don't know how it happened. My fathers words of support when he found out - "You'll be nothing but a mattress for an officer!!"
  10. Actually, Cav were recruiting slim dashing young thrusters with a high IQ and sex appeal that makes birds drop their knickers for them, so the recruiter chewed my arm off to get me in!

    Shame I failed the medical coz some tw@t had chewed my arm off to get me in!
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Can't say he was wrong.
  12. My Dads words of advice were " Make sure you go for a trade son, remember they need you more than you need them, stick to yer guns etc etc"

    I had my heart set on joining the REME as a VM for some strange reason but didnt score highly enough on the tests, the recruiting Sgt gave me the standard list of available jobs for mongs, needless to say which didnt include any notable "trades".

    After about 5 milliseconds of contemplation my 3 choices were :

    1 Grenadier Guards
    2 Pioneers
    3 RA

    The recruiting Sgt looked at my choices and put me right:

    "Your too short for the Guards son" (Im 6' 1 20 years later!)

    "You dont want to go in the Pioneers, digging ditches and graves"

    "Drop shorts will bugger up your hearing"

    "Have you ever thought about your county regiment son? Their out in Hong Kong at the moment, best posting in the army, their all local lads, your bound to know most of them, how do you fancy joining them?"

    Suprise suprise the Sgt was badged to the very same county regiment, Ignoring my Dads advice and going with E.M's and thinking the recruiting sgt was my new best mate, thats who I went with. Never did go to Hong Kong, bloody Btn came back 2 weeks before I even got to Litchfield!
  13. when i eventually signed on for the RCT, it was to be a movement controller. "fast track promotion and you get to travel the world ...even in training".......well i was sold, that'll do fer me. still ended up a dvr though in a transport regt in germany...due to an 'admin mix up' how i laughed.
    in saying that, it did turn out to be one of my favourite and nostalgia worthy postings of my whole career.funny how things turn out.
  14. B'stard in Careers Offices said that Ammo Tech was fast promotion....

    cnut never said I had to behave myself to get it.
  15. Sat my BARB test and the nice recruiting chappie told me I could have any job except sparky and pilot, colour blind and mong eyes.

    So after thinking long and hard I came back with my three choices;

    1: Combat Med Tech - Always thought it looked cool on the films when someone shouts medic and they go running over, under fire, to administer plasters and brufin, VC and MM glinting on the chest from feats of daring do.

    2: Marine Engineer - Always had a liking for boats and it looked like a laugh.

    3: Driver/Rad Op - The ACIO was covered in leaflets and posters from the newly formed RLC foretelling of adventure training, excitement and good times for all. They also told me that as a rad op I was guaranteed promotion within 18 months.
    Oh, and I'd get a cool pair of crossed flags.

    Mr Recruitment 1993 looked over my list and said unto me,

    Ooh, CMT, they've got a waiting list of about two years for intakes, do you really want to wait that long before you even start basic? Marine Engineer? Waiting time of about 9 months to a year, you don't wanna do that.
    I'll tell ya what, if you pick the RLC as a rad op we'll fast track you through selection and the paperwork and we'll have you in training within a few weeks. How does that sound?

    I was stupid and seventeen. He was true to his word, I went to selection about a week later, got offered a place the afternoon I got back from that, did my oath the next day and took the shilling (about £30). Was on a train to Pirbright the week after that.

    That was where the truth ended, five years as a rad op and not a wiff of a lance jack, not many in the troop did get one. Not a huge amount of Adv Trg either although I did glimpse the RLC yacht from a distance once.

    Who are the recruiters trying to funnel people into these days?