So you build bombs cause u have PTSD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rougeone39, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. What exactly is the outrage bus being revved up for

    Paddy joins forces - Paddy continues with unsavoury affiliations - not exactly a 1st is it

    Paddy / Squaddy on being caught - tries the PTSD card - not exactly a 1st is it

    Im not sure how this reflects on the services as a whole - despite Spiders dribble - or why its a shock worthy of outrage
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  2. Glad to hear mate
  3. Beers on you then?
  4. See this is why we need Viro. This would have been hoofed by now.
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  5. Glad to hear its looking good

    I must now apologise to sluggy jarrod and sinner amongst others
    I enquired as to your whereabouts previously - and I assumed that when they said don't worry about the broken brained git - they were simply being abusive

    In fact they were merely appraising me of your condition and that there was no cause for alarm.
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  6. I've even requested it be hoofed to somewhere more appropriate, you just can't get the tyranny you used to
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  7. Loadof old bollockss?
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  8. Standards are slipping now the COs are devoting all their time to the coke and sex slave smuggling.
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  9. I didn't know they were MP's (or possibly @jarrod248 )
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  10. Well that explains why and how Da man bugs has more lives than a menagerie of Cats
  11. Charlie Guard seems to have multiple accounts on here now
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  12. Whoops I meant to type "Import/export business"
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  13. so that's what you meant to type? I dunno that it's much better really.
  14. Welcome back stupid.
    The SPOTY awards wouldn't have been the same without you.
    Try not to get banned before the voting starts, eh?
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  15. What is it with ARRSErs and brains?
    Ravers gets saved from a meeting with the grim reaper by a pony.
    You've been Diffy several Fiday night posts.

    And Spider/rogueone39 hasn't got one.
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