So you build bombs cause u have PTSD

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This story totally disgusts me how did screaning not pick this up.

Terror Marine Ciarán Maxwell 'suffered PTSD after 2002 attack' - BBC News

It really puts the true people wanting to serve over here in a worse light than it already is.
Paging @BugsyIV

we have an attempt to steal the outrage bus by the use of random words, poor spelling and a BBC news article link.

Current affairs? Yeah I know what he is, you know what he is. Those users who don't suffer the same condition as him know what he is.
Until the thread is hoofed he will have to remain ignorant of his condition the poor chap.
What exactly is the outrage bus being revved up for

Paddy joins forces - Paddy continues with unsavoury affiliations - not exactly a 1st is it

Paddy / Squaddy on being caught - tries the PTSD card - not exactly a 1st is it

Im not sure how this reflects on the services as a whole - despite Spiders dribble - or why its a shock worthy of outrage
I was at Kings College Tuesday, still 2 more aneurysms to sort. Bonus is I was awarded enhanced PIP for both the Daily Living and Mobility aspects of it.
Glad to hear its looking good

I must now apologise to sluggy jarrod and sinner amongst others
I enquired as to your whereabouts previously - and I assumed that when they said don't worry about the broken brained git - they were simply being abusive

In fact they were merely appraising me of your condition and that there was no cause for alarm.
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