So, Why Doesn't Kerry Concede?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by wotan, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. In the last US election in 2000, there was "outrage" by the Democrats and their supporters that President Bush had not won the popular vote, yet won the Electoral College. In fact, some went so far as to deny the legitimacy of the Bush Presidency due to this anomaly.

    Yet, here we are in 2004, President Bush has won a convincing majority of the popular vote and most likely has won the required 270 Electoral College votes. So, if we follow the Democratic logic of 2000, why isn't Senator Kerry conceding defeat? After all, he has been trounced in the popular vote category.

    That said, it remains to be seen what the exact outcome of the final vote count in Ohio is, but it certainly doesn't look good for Senator Kerry. It would appear that the American people have decided that their choice for President will not be influenced by actors, rock stars and foreigners.
  2. Because he wants to sue his way into the white house like Gore failed to do in 2000?
  3. So who or what did influence it?
  4. I suspect that whilst we in Europe thought that Iraq/War on Terror/the Environment/International relations should be very important issues for the American people (we always think we know what's best for America afterall).

    The American people thought otherwise. Good for them.

    Just because bleeding heart European liberals don't like Bush, doesn't mean to say that they can influence small town America.
  5. Loathe as I am to place the proverbial cards on the table, but Bush will probably be declared the winner. That said, at this stage I wouldn't be surprised at anything that happens. The stakes are far too high for the Democrats to concede. Theoretically, Kerry can still win. Should Bush be declared elected, then the Democrats will be totally shut out of political power, as the Republicans have increased their control over both the Senate and Congress - therefore, in the event of a Kerry win, the Republicans could make things very difficult for his presidency.

    No, I cannot picture Kerry conceding - the man's overweening vanity wouldn't allow him to do so. Also, the Democratic Party would not permit him to; as I said, there is too much at stake. This has a ways to run yet though.
  6. How did OBL inluence the Elections?

    The media thought that AQ would mount a spectacular in order to get Bush re-elected. IE. With Bush in power, Europe and US would remain split over Afghanistan etc.

    Perhaps it is a testimony to the 'success' of the War on Terror, that all OBL was able to use to influence the American people was a rather feeble video tape. Didn't make much media impact did it.
  7. why should he concede to make bush happy ? might as well drag it out to the bitter end
  8. He's spent too much money. Can't blame him for squeezing every opportunity to try and get what he paid for, even if it's a long-shot...
  9. A deep seated comtempt for what the Democrats stand for...that and the fact that many states had Gay Marriage quetions on the ballot which help turn out the Republican vote. Gay marriage was shot down in every state that had it on the ballot. Republicans picked up Senate and House seats, including Minority Leader Sen. DascHOLE's [first time a senior leader has been defeated in 50 years].

    This is a stunning upset for the Democrats :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  10. Some valid points and questions?

    What influenced the American voter? The answers are as varied as the number of voters, I'm afraid. Security, War On Terror, economy, complacency, rejections of PC, rejection of the Democratic agenda, ad nauseum.

    As for the Democrats loss in the House Of Representatives and in the Senate is definitely a major development. And, apparently the loss of Senator Daschle is a very hard blow to the Democrats. Perhaps I'm overly hopeful, but could this be the beginning of the end for Political Correctness? Are people tired of weasel words, having to "watch what they say" and being badgered about their legitimate political views? Hope so. At any rate, even if Senator Kerry does pull it out and become President (sure doesn't look like that'll happen), he definitely won't have an easy ride and he sure wouldn't be able to say that he has a convincing madate from the people.
  11. With a 3.5 million popular vote margin its clear the democrats did something to turn off the voters. Also there is the sentiment that Bush risked his career on Iraq and is keeping the country safe. The popular sentiment is that we would rather fight terrorists in Iraq than in our own cities. Voters liked the tax cuts they received. But essentially it was voter anger at the dem's and a show of support for Bush in the war on terror.
  12. Er...because he hasn't lost yet? In 2000, the initial figures were pretty bad for GWB, but he didn't concede.
  13. Oh only about £1.3 billion!
  14. As was pointed out on the BBC's US Election coverage last night, the federal government spends about $1.5 billion every three hours. So it's not really that huge an amount.