So why does the corps ASM wear a blue hat

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so what do you suggest a bit aof dark blue here, powder blue there, for those of us attached to guard a bit of khaki, or maybe just mix them all into a corp wide new beret colour. the whole corp dosn't wear dark blue old boy
shwenn said:
so what do you suggest a bit aof dark blue here, powder blue there, for those of us attached to guard a bit of khaki, or maybe just mix them all into a corp wide new beret colour. the whole corp dosn't wear dark blue old boy
Correct word used there. Attached !!

Is the Corps ASM attached to an AAC unit? As a quick hint, the answer you are looking for here is ‘NO’.

As we have now established that he is not attached to an AAC unit why is he still wearing their colour beret?
Lots of aviation wallahs do it, just like to be a bit different don't they?
Same as Airborne/Cdo chaps at SEME, they wear it to stand out and advertise their greatness :roll:
Maybe you could ask the Corps ASM next time you see him.
I totally agree with warpdriveengaged. The default setting for berets in the supREME corps is dark blue. Therefor, as he has no legitimate reason for wearing anything else, that is what he should have on!!

Being the Corps ASM means more than having a WO1 sticker on your arm and wearing a REME capbadge. He shouldn't be allowed to wear a AAC beret just because he wants to.

NOTE: I said an AAC beret, cos that's what it is... NOT a REME beret!!
right then warpdriveengaged.
when we are issued with are blue berets which we DO earn, (and you haven't got a clue how we do), we hand in our forage caps in the first instance to get our first blue beret, and after our blue beret parade our dark blue berets are handed in for...... wait for it...... another blue beret i'm sure asm howell would allow you to check his 1157, but being a bitter and twisted ******** like yourself i'm sure you wouldn't lower yourself to speaking to those of us with the ******* common dog to actually be able to work on aircraft.
if you would read the craftsman once and a while (if you can read), you would see that on corps orders, asm howell's ceg is artificer aircraft, they are REQUIRED to where the blue beret, even if he is the corp asm.
Does anyone have access to a copy of Mat Regs or the REME Corps Order that requires Art Aircraft (or any aircraft trade) to wear an Army Air Corps light-blue beret once they are no longer attached to the Army Air Corps?

Entertaining as it is - until such time as someone comes up with a definitive answer this will continue to be a p1ssing competition.
alright blackhand i underststand why you modified my post, taking out the swearing and i'm glad you deleted warpdrive engaged's post.

i would just like to ask warp drive engaged;

if the corp asm happened to be para or commando qualified,
was 18 stone of muscle and built built like vin diesel on steroids,
would you be then complaining that he wasn't wearing the default blue colour or should your original post have been ' why is the corp asm an air tech'
no my question remains the same

ps i was just wandering if you really clever people have fixed the apache yet?

roll on the new corps asm....GODS TRADE
So you earn your blue beret eh schwenn? I think perhaps you are overestimating your own importance a bit. Everyone earns their trade quals not just Aircraft Trades.

It matters not a jot what trade you are, if you are attached to AAC units you wear a light blue beret. Even people who would rather not have to. I also know Art A/C who do not wear the light blue beret, even when working at trade (Try those attached to RA UAV btys for one.)

If the Corps ASM ws a Para/Commando, he would wear a midnight blue beret, just like the old Corps RSM who was para trrained.
I don't think it's hard is it? Folk who cut around in respective colour berets (mostly para) do it because they wish they could do it full time... for example how many in Bordon or Arborfield could do it full time? Not many I suspect if any. The truth is if they want to be in that special corps or indeed special forces so don't cheat or take the easy option on your tiffy course and do some hard work and you too could arrive in kosovo or Basra a day or two later and take credit for all hard work while cameras are rolling.

Seen it happen on many occasions.......wouldn't ave appened in the grunts....wouldn't ave made full screw in the grunts fella!!!!!!
no i dont think i overestimate my trade, and i wasn't saying that other trades do not easrn the trade.
the statement refferred to warp drive engaged's first post in which he says;

oh dont tell me he earned the right....hehehehehehe.

i would never instigate anything but banter between trades but if you have seen warp drives original reply b4 blackhand removed it you would see why i have continued to post on this subject, i'm not going to take abuse of some bloke who obviuosly thinks that he is ALWAYS right and can't see the other side of a conversation.

like i said in the insulting reply, most of which was removed by blackhand, idiots like warp drive engaged take banter between trades and turn it into tension ruining nights out on the lash or in the mess.

apache's fine thank you,
even managed to get out to canada and california
hey im glad you got to the usa and canada and if you had read my first post as it was intended, you would have realised that i dont have anything against BATS and that my initial reply was as much against your "old boy" patronising stance

but as you mention tension on mess functions i take it that you have served for at least 6 years then
or you may be talking about the corporals mess in which case you could have just about finished phase 2 training of course having earned (or should that be easrned) your air corps hat
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