So why do "worms" call themselves ASM and AQMS

Discussion in 'REME' started by warpdriveengaged, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. we have a rech mech in our unit who claims that the retched mechs WO's are real AQMS and ASM's and that indeed the corps now have a "senior rech mech" who is in charge of all the said people regardless of what their respective ASM (capitals because they are real ASM's) say or think.
    having read "Corps Regs" (boo hiss) i thought that these titles were courtesy titles and therefore not to be used out of the unit

    is this
  2. I believe the A is for Artisan not Artificer. Phone HQ DEME(A) or Rec Pl of your local REME Bn if you want a definitive answer.
  3. These appointments date bate to before the formation of REME to when the RAOC was the main workshops (and supply) corps of the Army.

    Two types of AQMS & ASM existed 'Armourer' & 'Artificer' Interesting to note that pre-1942 RAOC WO1 Sub-Conductors (became SSM's in 1967) could be appointed to Conductor RAOC but RSM, AQMS & ASM's could not!

    In my time in the Army ASM's did not like Conductors to be WO i/c Stores Sections and preferred WO1 SSM's instead! "Say no more"

    Historically this is why many REME Workshops have RLC Stores Platoons or Sections to this day!
  4. Call me old fashioned, but after being an AQMS many moons ago....

    the A is for 'Artificer' Quarter Master Sergeant, and as in Artificer Sergeant Major...

    And I quote it from my glossy little red Army Discharge Book paperwork!

    Moaning over. Out.
  5. Back when I was Cfn with 94 Loc Regt RA, the WO i/c Stores Sect was a conductor. The ASM was cool with it, RSM wasn't so keen!
  6. Back when I was a Cfn with 94 Loc Regt RA, ASM stood for Automatic Sausage Muncher from the fat knackers habit of standing at the hot plate when on exercise and gobbling vast quantities of compo sausages.
  7. Oops, guilty of that too!..... :twisted:
  8. At 4 armd wksp we called the raoc boss a 'semi-conductor' and the 'conductor' a lump of copper
  9. And what century was that then?
  10. 4 Amstel Wksp?
  11. correct john
    when were you there?
    myself it was 66-69
  12. So what about the non spec, puntersthey shouldnt be called AQMS, just CSM
  13. area_51, did you ever serve in Gütersloh? Just wondering about your user name :)
  14. Things may have changed, as it were - but I thought that the ranks are WO 1 or 2, then ASM, RSM, CSM, BSM et al..... dependant of who, what and where...
  15. How about this.
    You should only hold the appt of ASM or AQMS when you fill that appt ie. ASM of an LAD or AQMS OF A REME wksp etc. All those REME WO1/2s that are at DLO and any other non command appts should only be titled by their rank. If one fills an appt eg. Bde Art then that is your appt regardless of rank (as we all know that most of those slots are rank ranged WO1/2 anyway). As with the Inf, and other teeth arms, you can be a WO2 but you only carry the appt of CSM or RQMS when you fill the appt, otherwise you are just a bog standard WO2, but it doesn't make you an inferior WO. As for the main debate the A is the abreviation for ARTIFICER, regardless of what it now says in DEME(A)s latest news letter. I feel an article to the Craftsman coming on.......