so why did it all happen?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barbarella, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. I read this article in the Times last weekend WEB EXCLUSIVE: These rioters are Tony Blair's children | The Spectator (yes I am aware that the link is to the Spectator)
    Harriet Sargeant speaks a lot of sense, so I dug a little deeper and found her report for the CPS
    both make for very interesting reading - however the latter is over 100 pages so make yourself a brew first. There is great talk of how the system has let this generation of discontented youth down and that structure not unlike the Army would be of great benefit. So, would bringing back National Service be of any benefit? Perhaps a system whereby those not wishing to enter into further education after GCSE's would join up? Opinions please...

  2. Because they are thieving scum.
  3. I agree with the concept of national service. Could this be merged into one of the existing threads, like the one re. causes of the riots?
  4. I only did a search for Harriet Sargeant - by all means merge with a relevant thread I just thought that the articles were too interesting to be lost in a larger thread
  5. All children should be repeatedly raped into submission
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  6. I agree that some form of national service would be of benefit but not to this generation. Their beyond help.
  7. The life expectancy of any politically announced remedial initiative to address the root causes of the disturbances is directly related to the media interest in it. Initiatives tend to die natually or are killed off by the treasury as soon as the social problems which underpin them cease to attract media interest.

    LIttle, if any reliance may usefuly be gained from anything uttered by a British Politician.
  8. Whatever is decided, for example having 16 year olds going to a boot camp will be VOLUNTARY so don't expect your crack head or dope dealer to go - bad for business. The only folks to volunteer would be those who join the boy scouts or any other org and want a bit more detailed trg. Forget the brain dead - ain't going to happen.