so why cant they ban the afghan burka?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grumblegrunt, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    its an imposed item not a religious or cultural one. mainly it seems to allow insurgents to move unrestricted and unsearched around the country so why cant they ban it?

    the requirements to cover up if they are required could be met with other things like the hijab.
  2. Never going to happen. I remember in Paktika trying to get women entering the DOLSMD office to at least show their face to another woman. No go. This was despite the fact the DOLSAMD director (ex mujahid) was well aware of the risks.
    Culture, especially in the Pashtoon areas, out weighs logic or religious strictures.
  3. It would seriously impede John Simpson's progress if they banned it.

    I recall a wailing woman in a burkha coming up to me in Afg, with a prescription in her hand, moaning on about how her daughter was dying and did I have any money. I fished out a few pennies and she lifted up the burkha, pocketed the dosh and shook me by the hand, which I assume is not allowed.

    What a thick cunt I am.
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    best start shooting the wimmin then, the blokes will soon stop fighting when they cant get their tea on time or a shag.

    last time I checked afghanistan isnt filled with chippys and kfcs
  5. I think you'll find that the majority taste in Afg is to shag boys, who don't normally wear burkhas, iirc.

    The burkha is reserved either for suicide ninjas or horrifically ugly women. BTW, there is a chippy in Kabul, and a Fried Chicken restaurant - not one of Col Sanders' esteemed establishments - but it's there nonetheless.

    Mind you, both restaurants may have been brassed up today, so it may be worth checking before you saddle up for a Bargain Bucket with a WP tucked into the bottom drumstick.
  6. The Burqa is not even an Afghan custom nor cultural dress, the Burqa is a Pagan pre-Islamic bedion dress for women who wore it in their migration to Mecca, at the time, which was a Pagan holy place, I cant understand why Moh adopted it as a dress for Muslim women since it has roots with his distaste towards Paganism.

    I am, also fed up of these beggers, they are mostly employed by criminals, to go around and beg in groups, any Afghan who begs needs to be shot by the government, regardless of their gender or status.

    Afghanistan needs a Stalin or a Hitler, due to the poverty and war, people have given up, its right time to give them the good ol boot to motivate them or just kill and arrest the obstacles that will get in the way towards progression.

    I think it would be good to target the mosques first and the Criminals will be next, I would personally order the killings of all "Wurkibazzun" even if takes out half of the male population.
  7. *
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  8. WOW, Were in Naafi and I responded with a comment related to the topic.

    I guess you are the real troll.
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  9. What's General Dostum up to at the moment?
  10. Mark isn't a troll, just a bit thick and has motivational issues.
  11. General Dostum has two faces and he betrayed Najibullah to join hands with the Mujahideen(Reagans brothers in faith).

    I think Amanullah Khan would have been great, a man of modern view point but sadly defeated by the Islamists.
  12. I think the Burco was the best thing invented, especially when you come back in after a patrol and need a hot brew..........I think my dyslexia is getting worst, off to worship DOG now.
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  13. If the Afghan dorises want to wear the burka then let them, it may be the only means of stopping Abdul from porking her clacker after indulging in boy love and inheriting some drippy infection, after all what would he think if he asked her to sit on his face after she,s been farting and stinking inside a bell tent all day.

    Oh I dunno tho!!???
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  14. I think it would also be reasonable for young Thai boys to also adopt the Burqa but a minuture size version since they are shagged and abused by British tourists.