So why arent all the journalists in Afghanistan?

I've never asked this question before, to anyone ranging from the youngest tom to the CO to Civilian experts and never received a wide range of answers.

So Why arent they there?

According to the Nato website the reason is:

They are a bunch of cowardly wankers, who prefer to make things up, rather than find out the truth.

Which is a description of their role not their reason.

I've concluded that everyone picks their own answer which they are comfortable with, which is why for a enthusiastic 19 year old out of training, the opportunity to write complete bollix, is more than enough reason for not being there, whereas an older dog might cite the special relationship and the damage we could be doing by not tagging along...

I believe the coward argument isnt weak. We have homegrown cowards now.
The narcotics argument is a non-starter: they can get just as much coke as they like right here.
I personally think this folly is worth the life of at least several journos:

So why arent they there?

Answers below please.


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They don't stay, but they do visit, passing through Bastion and the FOBs like a dose of D&V, get some pictures, interview some soldiers (and maybe even locals) then go home and make shyt up.

And the visits take a great deal of effort to arange, in terms of admin, transport, and generally mucking the soldiery up.
Smacks of Viet Nam, enter Journos off the choppers lots of photos then home James and don't spare the horses, and lots of war stores over din dins in Islingtonshire.
Serious stuff, better on the Serious Bit, but..... young twerps think that journalism is a key to endless money. shags and status. Journalists know that unless you shag the owner of the rag, you are going to be dreaming of your student days forever. A journalist, for those who don't know, is a person who can hold a laptop and a glass of cheap French wine together in something that a fish would call a pose. Me I have no care for your damned buses and taxis. I shall call my horse.
Scrofula. I'm sure that you made a profound post which is a bit too deep for me. I am not sure if it answers the thread's question though.


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rockpile said:
Scrofula. I'm sure that you made a profound post which is a bit too deep for me. I am not sure if it answers the thread's question though.
Allow me.

Why are there no block paving specialists in Afghanistan? Theres more journalists than block paving specialists I will admit. But with all that sand and so many messy patios and inadequate driveways, well, you would think they would be flocking there in their dodgy R reg Renault Traffic Master vans.

It is a mystery to me.
S'obvious really, innit... There ain't no Amy Winehouses an Afgano.. Afgen... Af... Oh fcuk it... over there... She's much more interesting than a bunch of squaddies... after all, you can say anything you like 'bout squaddies... No-one listens to them...
Because everyone is an expert these days - Believe me, I meet "Experts" 24/7.

Why would they need to do something themselves to fully understand how and why it is done when they can just wiki it then issue their opinion to the public as gospel.
Fook me, I only posted this as a piss take to that journo Dhobi walla's shoite post, I didnt expect proper replies to it.
Iron Duke. Thank you for your post. I am now better instructed but,unfortunately, none the wiser.

There are plenty of block paving 'specialists' in my part of Surrey. I will direct those who tout for my business to Afghanistan in future.

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