So, whos up for a bit of griefing?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Samurai, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Bored? Not much to do aside satisfy the outrageometer? Well, here ya go:

    Presenting the Facebook group, "Help Disrupt MOD Recruitment".

    The description:
    "This group is for providing advice on how to disrupt MOD recruitment in schools

    Please could people give examples of awkward questions to ask the army representatives giving the presentation?"

    And some of the answers?

    "Ask "Is going to war just a lack of imagination?""

    "You could ask something like "How does it feel to kill someone?""

    "i'm not sure of the exact question but how about something to do with life expectancy/ risk in "job""

    "thanks to recent media attention.. and the pestering and mithering and complaining and shouting of "hypocrite".. that myself and the RE department have done, the army will not be coming to visit.
    either that or they have rerranged it so i can't find out.. "truth" material will be kept about my person until i'm sure the coast is clear

    This merry little band of self-righteous sh!ts, besides angering me, is mildly amusing. Especially seeing the rather disturbing appearance of their salad dodging leader.

    Being against Army recruitment in schools - I can see the motivation there. Most people don't agree with the wars we're fighting, and therefore sending our youth to fight it. But it seems that here pure lefty fanaticism and irrationality is prevailing, convincing people that the Army isn't a valid career choice, but rather an evil organisation full of terrible, bad people who love nothing more than to invade other countries, kill their civilians and steal their resources.

    You monsters, you! :p

    Insulting squaddies and griefing recruitment staff, however, is in my opinion possibly the most immature and moronic way to go about attaining their goal of ridding schools of Army recruitment drives.

  2. There's a button on the bottom left of the page to request that the group be removed. If enough people protest I'm sure they can be shut down.
  3. Well I can think of one sure fire way of stopping military recruitment in schools...... its called CONSCRIPTION. could solve a few other social probs at the same time.
  4. Yep Click it and select "Attacks person or Group" I did.
  5. Likewise
  6. Done as well :x
  7. Ditto.

  8. done
  9. Done :x
  10. Well if these people are successful and the Government runs out of volunteers there will be no need for school rectruiting sessions. Our kids will just get a nice letter on their 18th birthdays telling them to report to the specified depot on the specified date at the specified time. Welcome to the wonderful world of National Service.
  11. I see Arrsers are posting within the group, how long before comments are removed?
    and the group leader bint, WTF?
  12. aaaand..done!
  13. :lol: Think that sums it up.
  14. Looking at the originator of this tawdry, pre-pubic ranting forum, she needs a fcuking good shoeing!
  15. Cant add my bit to the well deserved verbal kicking at the moment due to my work network blocking it. Will be done immediately when I get home.