So Who's On The Waiting List??

Guess the oil crisis and high gas prices are now officially dead..

See that St. Petersberg manufacturers of this little runabout are shipping the first 100 into Britain to entice the nouveau riche elite..

The Kombat: bigger, faster, heavier and thirstier than the model comes with AK-47/sniper rifle protective panels and for those who like the comfort of a upgrade, the deluxe version comes with anti-tank/ RPG shell protective panels [ perfect for London traffic ]..while under attack, the riders can enjoy the onboard minibar and DVD/LCD Tv ensemble..

no word on price or insurance costs.. but, then.. if you have to ask..

Not to outdone by those pesky Russkis, the US has entered the fray and Will Smith, noted Hollywood A-lister, has placed an order for one of the first of these babies..

the Internationasl CXT [ Commercial Extreme Truck ] a nice little people mover which weighs in at 7 tons, carries 6 tons more, powered by a large scale diesel engine that doesn't respect oil embargoes and stands 9 feet high which precludes it fitting a standard garage, but then, if you can't flaunt it ostentatiously in your drive, what good is it?

again, I've got no figures on price.. but.. then price is no roadblock to making a statement, is it?..

just be careful when travelling on your Vespa [ maybe a bigger rear-view mirror might be in order ]...

I'll take the one with Pink. :oops:
You know if one does appear in this country it will be ruined by some overpaid, slightly camp footballer.
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