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So......who's next???!

Since Crio has run away in tears after her fella was outed as a paedo on ARRSE, it has come to my attention that Issac_Hunt has also gone AWOL!

He was less than happy at the remarks to his "It's my Birthday thread" which was enough to make him commit t'interweb hari-kari. To be fair, his jokes were terrible too.

So.....who's next? With a stroke of luck Western will do the honourable thing and fall on his virtual sword.

Remember "never underestimate the predictablility of stupidity" before you post "hopefully you Sumdge you cunt"
I once pointed out to a female aquaintance the fact that pudgy sausage fingers are freakish and unpleasant. The next time I saw her she told me that she had only realised after I talked about it that her boyfriend was cursed with pudgy fingers - she dumped him. Should I be a hypnotist?