So......who's next???!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67er, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Since Crio has run away in tears after her fella was outed as a paedo on ARRSE, it has come to my attention that Issac_Hunt has also gone AWOL!

    He was less than happy at the remarks to his "It's my Birthday thread" which was enough to make him commit t'interweb hari-kari. To be fair, his jokes were terrible too.

    So.....who's next? With a stroke of luck Western will do the honourable thing and fall on his virtual sword.

    Remember "never underestimate the predictablility of stupidity" before you post "hopefully you Sumdge you cunt"
  2. I like that, im gonna say it more often
  3. ^This muppet.
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  4. It was said by Bullet Tooth Tony in Snatch. It's a quality quote.
  5. For fucks sake I take the wife to The Harvester for her birthday treat and miss all the fun.
  6. I would say hopefully you Smudge, you cunt, rather than whoever Sumdge is.
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  7. Seen! That's what happens when you have bratwurst for fingers.
  8. My money is on errol doing a BBR soon. Are we going to run a book on it?
  9. I once pointed out to a female aquaintance the fact that pudgy sausage fingers are freakish and unpleasant. The next time I saw her she told me that she had only realised after I talked about it that her boyfriend was cursed with pudgy fingers - she dumped him. Should I be a hypnotist?
  10. It could be me.

    I've been walting since I started here.

    I work for Travel Lodge! Not Premier Inn!

    (hilarity, eh?)
  11. Can't we just lynch the cunt?
  12. We could re-open Bernoulli's Pit and put him and RoyalMarine 1995 in there - chuck on a bit of petrol and wooosh - no more mongs.
  13. Other things can happen with large fingers.
  14. I missed this one. Link please?
  15. Longest thread of the week in the NAAFI Bar chap.