so who wants to be an MTI then

Discussion in 'REME' started by prisoner, May 24, 2006.

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  1. is it good for your career,

  2. Can I just say, as an ex MTI (look at my nickname) and ex RAOC the REME have shot themselves in the foot, the RAOC also had RD Soldier just like the Reems,but disbanded them, other tradesmen filled those posts, and after a few years and a lot of soldier having to be retrained, the MTI was born. Both corps had(have) a need for specific qualified trainers, would do you put an RD into the LAD and expect him to run it? same the other way round, do you put a Recky Mech to run a DCCT for recruits? Training helps but, once you step out of trade, hard to get back if you dont like it

    But, just of post, why change?, ASM is more senior by appoint to RSM anyway, so why do it?
  3. Emptyeye if only we knew!! lol
    Trouble was the RS CEG was unsustainable in its original state due to the fact that:
    a. There were more WO2 posts than SSgt meaning any nugget would eventually pick up.
    b. Transferees were coming across and being promoted far easier than if they'd stayed in their original colours.
    Summat had to be done about it, not sure if the best answer was to bin it completely though and personally I think this whole affair has been a real "No cake all arse" effort by the fcukwits at REME Towers in Arborfield, trouble is I suspect not one of them has the balls to change it back as that would admit they were incorrect in the first place.....I mean imagine Jose Mourinho changing tactics after 20 mins if he saw his werent working.....oh yeah, he would wouldnt he?!

  4. "shivers at your words" The VERY same happened in the RAOC days, someone dont work..but in the RAOC high towers the same fuckwits who decided it was a non starter wont admit they fukked up.

    Retreads into the corps are a different issue, most are very very good, but you have to ask, why would a WO2 from the Guards transfer over???, oh that would be to get his RSM in the corps coz he WONT get it in his regiment, and dont try and convince me otherwise, it takes a space from someone else (corps man) whos also trying to get there too.

    If it helps, its going to get a lot worse quite soon, if your still serving, good luck!! Its going to be a nightmare
  5. I personnally welcome this change.

    Opening up the MTI to tradesmen can surely only benefit the Corps.

    1. Recruits are actually advised in training by tradesman who know what there talking about and have that depth of knowledge of the Corps that the RD "transferees" lacked.
    2. It provides an ideal opportunity for those tradesman who are disillusioned in their trade but still want to remain in the Corps the ability to put something back into it.
    3. I dont see any issue with the abilities of a tradesman to instruct, having more tradesman with Military Quals can only raise the standard of those serving now.
    4. Doing a stint as a MTI will enable that individual to gain a faster promotion due to him/her being 'more employable'.
    5. Whats the issue after 18 months at an ATR and then returning to trade? Anyone here feel that they would be unable to carry out their job after that period?
    6. Provides a route for the unappreciated Artisans to get to WO1.
    7. Enables the NCO's the opportunity to demonstrate man management, after all some NCO's and even SNCO's go through their career with little or no man management responsabilities. (OK Openong up a can of worms here, but I'm thinking of the smaller CEG's that operate singulary or in very small sections - Med & Dent, Armrs, Metal Bashers and even the Tech trades who have few if any Cfns to command).
    8. Obviously the only kick in the teeth is that the Units have got to take the hit on training the guys up and the pool of tradesmen will shrink further. But hey, think of an MTI as like raising a child, pain at birth, followed by a period of education and growth leading to an individual that hopefully will make great contributions to the Corps.
  6. REME tradesmen have a lot on there plates with the following:

    Basic Training
    Basic Trade
    Class 1
    Specialist Equipment training
    Predeployment Training
    Major Exercises

    Throwing MTI qualifications at the same guys leaves very little time for actually keeping fit kit in the hands of the user. And more importantly when do these guys get to see family?

    We are already doing more training than almost any other arm for no extra pay whats the incentive?

  7. I wanted to be an MTI Ins...AS you were!

    I wanted to be an MTI Instructer but I'm AAAALLLRRIIGHT....pause.. NOW!

    I'm here all week :D

    Edited for the Pause ..Basics, Gentlemen ..Basics
  8. I am one of the first MTI Tradesmen into ATR Pirbright, along with VM-In-AN-RS-World.

    We are yet to see if this is good for our careers. However I believe that it can't harm us. Obviously as long as we can remain allegation free and cope with the intense workload.

    It is a very demanding role and will not suit all people. I personally like the job, responsibility and diversity of the post. Although just like all other postings it has its plus and minus points.

    At the end of the day its for a maximum of 24 months, so unlike the RS lads we work alongside we are guaranteed to leave the Phase 1 Training enviroment.
  9. Good for you, lets see how your trade training is going to be effected, will, been there, done that T shirt

    Ill say no more, give it 2 years and when its all gone Pete Tong, remember this post
  10. Empty eye, you seem both very bitter and the font of all knowledge.

    Surely if you are/were a half decent tradesman prior to taking up the MTI post then on return to field force after only 24 months you would have been able to rely/fall back on past experience and training. Being a Class 1 tradesman you should be able to give an educated answer/solution on all areas of your particular trade regardless.

    Also on return to an LAD or Wksp you are more of an asset with your military training quals. Instead of the unit having to go cap in hand to the parent regiment or battalion for an instructor in a particular ITD (now MATT), we will be able to conduct our own training and testing. Thus maintaining professional input and give us independance instead of dependancy when ITD's or trainihg for Op's comes around.
  11. You tell im Jonah!!

    By the way hows you? I'm sure that used to be my saying which you are using as your signature line??? 8)

    Guess Who
  12. Speaking as an Ex Big Badge, the Corps has dropped a big b-----k by doing away with some of the finest instructors not only in REME but in the army. It will be a very sad day when the last RD/RS person "falls out" for the last time. Certain senior officers should hang their heads in shame. MTIs will not solve this problem, mark my words.
  13. Hear Hear, the RAOC did the exact same thing, but now even MTI RLC is no longer with us, talk about full circle
  14. i started this post for a good reason, i'm not really intrested if you want to be a MTI

    i just want to know if anyone is going to replace us!!!!!!!!!! as we have lost all our postings.

    We try tell new guys how great the REME is, buts its hard when your 2 year posting ran out a year ago and no one is willing to show you a light at the end of the tunnel.
  15. There is bad news and good news to your situation.The bad news is nobody wants to be your replacement and the good news is ATR Pirbright is being rebuilt.