So, who is the oldest & boldest arrsser?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by misdameaner, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. As we now have our own special area of the site, just who dserves the title

    'father of the house' ? :?:
  2. I would like to nominate Swordsman
  3. swordman. RE forum.
  4. Great minds rebel!
  5. 125 if hes a day :D But is he Bold?
  6. Entirely possible that the oldest and boldest may be different arrsers.
  7. Possibly, but they'll have to go some to beat Swordsman.
  8. Agree, old AND bold. I wonder if he is called Swordsman because he landed at Sword Beach?
  9. And ugly, you spanker.

    I have been here since 2002, so has Flash (we might have been banned a few times), MDN, Stella, Proximo (name changes also) - Corps and Ballbag - and the dads. Squish me if I missed anyone out.

    Sluggy xxx
  10. I can imagine Sluggy's CV.

    Institutions: Founder member of ARRSE.
  11. I wasn't.

    I was here when it was black and white though...............
  12. And in 405 lines, received through an H-shaped aerial?
  13. Don't be daft - I got a Clerk of Works to do that. Me head's not painted on!!! You Div. :D
  14. Swordsman. He is now.

    I'll get me coat.........
  15. I think you're missing the point Dale. I think they mean "old 'n bold" as in real age....not time served on an internet forum?