So who is right when it comes to the LAW

Who is right

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police in that case probably doing the right thing most people would'nt phone the police about a toddler with a stick better two take details of tot than turn up later to chavs battering in each other :cry:
was'nt out of the blue.

judge right as well if the scroate grows up stays out of trouble don't jail if he can't or won't jail time.
On the first incident, i think the Media have blown this up beyond it's normal proportions again!! What a surprise!! The Old Bill will have held the parents of said miscreant to blame over the incident as they are responsible for anyone within their family under the age of knowing right from wrong!! Again this is some backyard arguement getting press coverage to fuel a dispute between two "Chav" families" as that seems to be the "thing to do" nowadays!! everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame!! or the ready's that the paper will pay for such a scandal type story!! Get a life!!!!!

The second incident, the Judge is only saying what we are all thinking!! Albeit he is a judicial power!! but what is wrong with stating an honest truth!! answer the question, if he Crim Damaged your motor, what would you do??

Dug in awaiting incoming!
If the child damaged the car then the parents should pay for it. The car owner should not be left out of pocket because some little apprentice thug doesnot know how to respect someones property. As it was only a toddler it would be wrong for the car owner to fill the little chavette in and if the toddlers parents are also chavs then they would probably refuse to pay for the damages, so yes it would be right to call the plod.

In the second case the drunken scumbag caused £400 worth of damage and deserved a good kicking for his thoughtless stupiddity as well as having to pay for the damage, so once again I would say the judge got it right, and I am glad to hear that at least one of the wigged buffoons still has contact with thereal world.
"Who is right when it comes to the LAW"? SASC, I'd imagine.

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