So who has the most medals in your unit (Serving) ?

Following on from an earlier thread who has the most medals in your unit ? We too have a Medic (SNCO) in our unit with TEN Medals! ana a Cpl with eight, so i guess people will now be leaving with 10-12 Medals...More like the "Yanks" :(
are you classifying this as separate medals or including bars to the GSM?

some years ago (ahem!) my chief clerk had 6 or 7 bars to the GSM, as a dedicated paper pusher i enquired about his previous existence as a warrior. he assured me that he had been bass guitar in the regimental dance band and had been sent out to entertain the troops. in big wars, one day in theatre counts - even if in theatre means just that :D :D
Good Grief! I remember SNCOs in my regiment, veterans of WW2 (Burma and NWEurope), Palestine, Korea, Malaya, Radfan and Borneo who didn't have 10 medals!
At Pegasus Bridge for the 60th anniv of D Day I saw an old boy from the SAS with 11 medals on.

I told him that this was just plain greedy ( Sir ) and took a photo which I will try to dig out tonight.
I called him Sir and bought him a brandy.

Taken at Cafe Gondree, Pegasus Bridge D Day plus 60.
I met an American on secondment here. She had three ribbons on the uniform she was wearing as that is the max for the type of uniform. Actually she had 14 medals plus 18 ribbons on the right hand side that are not medal earning awards - just the ribbons.

She said she had not been awarded any medals for the past ten years as she had been working in the UK and they had forgotten about her?
I’ve got 20, cost me a bloody fortune, but I get loads of free drinks when I go to the legion or any military reunion, open day or air show.
I’ve also got a blazer with Velcro over the breast pocket so as I can wear my SAS, Para, RSC, GPR, RA, RE, Inf Btn(various), Cav Regt (various), or any other badge that will get me a free drink.
I’ve got a beret (maroon, sandy, blue, black and green) for every occasion, to get me free beer.
Am I a bad person???????

I thought some non-UK ones there.. the blokes did get around a bit over the years, any idea as to the others?
Met a captain in the mess who was wearing 10. He was an exchange officer and had been to the U.S, Italy and France and had a number of yank give aways. (until the Co told him some were not legit)!!
emptyeye said:
Bravo_Bravo said:

Brave lad, but only 6 UK issued ones I see which includes the TD (Territorial Decoration)

Sorry I meant to say... Territorial Efficiency Medal
In order right to left

1939 - 1945 Service Star
Not sure of the other star
1939/1945 Service Medal
WWII British Defence Medal
1952 Coronation Medal
Territorial Efficiency Medal

Apart from the WW2 ones (which everyone got), and the TE and Coronation Medal, no other campaign medals!!! curious for a SAS warrior not to have some though, Im sure hes earned them all, and hes really ex SAS...
MFO Sinai - Brits get medals which they were not allowed to wear despite being under SCUD attack during Gulf 91

Yanks: 1 x National Defence Service Medal 1 x MFO Medal with bronze 2 as they did 1 year tours which meant they'd done two x MFO tours, they also got three medals for serving outside US, crossing Atlantic and serving during wartime despite the fact that the same medals were awarded to all US personnel including the blanket storeman in Yakima Ranges! (PS storeman - not slagging you off OK?)

Thus one tour of MFO - Brit - NIL Yank - 5 ie one entire row of medals and since many of them also got commendation or merit medals as well, they were often on row two within their first year of service!

I wish I had served with the US - I'd have more medals than the Walts....

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