So who has the best compo then ?

Our ratpacks are far better than they used to be, the MREs are just shit, it's all fat and sugar, rather like the rest of their food.
I carried out an IFOR compo comparison in 1996, with each of the national LOs chipping in a ratpack. The Czechs were of course disqualified because two tins of luncheon meat and a packet of dog-biscuits really doesn't get you onto the starting grid.

Of the remainder the Dutch scored highest, with the French and Italian ratpacks coming a close second equal. The UK pack was third and got an honourable mention for its sweetie content. The Yanks came last - apart from the Czechs - although to be fair they weren't very far behind the UK and Canadian packs.

none of them were so vile you couldn't live on them but the MRE (US) was vaguely dissatisfying throughout and lacked brews. If I had to live on 24 hour packs then i would be hoping to be in a RNLA/RNLM location rather than a Czech one!

Edited to add: Yes I was absolutely bored titless...
The Canadian Swiss steak and mash looks pretty good as far as rat packs go. I would break to think what the cod in sour cream one tastes like in the Norwegian.
When i was on H9 and for the few short days i was on rat packs i thought the MREs were good. Maybe it was just different to the brit ones i dont know.
I loved the Gurkha ratpacks out in Brunei, came in a furry coat and swung in the trees so you did not have to carry them ;)

Once "openned" and chopped up, mixed with a few spices and served with rice they were rather tastly!....or was it just the heat making me think it was nice?

We used to swap rat packs with a US Marine contingent based at RAF Edzell (back in the 80's) and would kill for there Frankfurters in Beer that came in a foil pouch. For some reason they loved out Processed Cheese in a tin?
Thing is, unless it's changed radically in recent years, the Yank MRE is a meal, with a few odds and sods to keep you going till you get the next one. It's not supposed to be a 24hr. Pack.
Last of the Summer Wine had the best Compo. And the best Foggy and Clegg.

So its Britain.
I was at the DVD Show at Milbrooke earlier this year, I managed to blag some of the new British Compo, bored the WO1 RLC Chef to bits with my old&bold in my day compo was in metal cans, tiffing bars of chocolate, jam in tubes etc etc.

I took the mixed nuts home and they tasted like bird droppings all dried out and tasted off. I removed the 'in date' stuck on date lable off the packet to find the orginal used by date was 2 years previously.

I hope this was a genuine mistake on the suppliers and they are not attaching new lables on out of date food for the Toms.

With the old ration pack you knew the WHITE coloured Mars bar and Rolo's were properly out of date but nobody was hiding the fact, and in the dark who cared.

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