So who has served this long!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DarkNinja, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. I wear one between my Victoria Crosses.
  2. I assume you are confusing the words 'crosses' and 'sponge'. Maybe it's time for your medication?
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  3. £40!
    I'd have to do another weekend just to buy it!
  4. Does it come with a bar?
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  5. You were "browsing the net" and came up with that tat ? Just how sad are you ? - I think we know !
  6. When I browse I normally end up with porn.........................

    You must have entered 'STAB' into the wrong search engine!
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  7. Wouldn't be buried with one - I have sufficient from Regular and Reserve Service. Just more military "bling" with no significance but plenty of profit for the seller. Will probably appeal to the WALTs of this life!
  8. What the hell are you saying? I earned both of them. I didn't develop severe PTSD and endure horrific physical injuries serving my country in Korea, Somaliland, the Falklands, Iraq, at Waterloo, in Afghanistan, Vietnam, the North West Frontier Province, Borneo, Sindh and a number of other places I can't tell you about (Official Secrets Act) to be mocked on some internet forum. Have some respect.
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  9. It came up on google totally unrelated - I am always in search of porn!
  10. You were a bit out of date seeing as it was brought out in 2008 for the 100th anniversary for anyone wishing to buy it!