So who do you loath in your OTC?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by poorlytrainedidiot, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. we all try to get along and normally mongs and biff chits tend to disappear after a while but who, out of O/Cdts, NCOs or Officers do you hate? Reasons are required and "cos he's a knob" wont suffice (unless it's orifice you're talking about, because that's a given) Amusing stories are also encouraged. No names for reasons of PERSEC but most people should be able to guess who you're talking about. I know this is probably not the most team building and friendly thread going but we all need to vent occationally!

    I think a popular choice for ULOTC will be a certain officer on the MTQ2 staff who just tries to be as abusive as possible all the time and somehow manages to talk down to you at every avalible oportunity. also disappears from handel st as soon as we get off the coaches while other officers are still working the arrses off. is also trying to teach that the army now fires from the hip (even the inf PSI can't work that one out) and he isnt even infantry. does anyone actually know which regiment he's from? just the sight of him makes my blood boil.

    there's also some bloke at ULOTC called Bunny, right fcuking chopper if u ask me..........
  2. You're bored aren't you
  3. Knobber in MTQ2 who was an ex space cadet " I got to Cpl but I was too good for them so I left after two years". Saw him last night walking around with a spanking new pair of Lowas and showing them off to everyone and how much they cost. Was funny when he was told that he was ripped off by about £50, to which he tried to blag that they where new production Lowas made for the SAS and RM.
    Fecking tool who turns his basha into an admin bomb with kit everywhere when he bedded down this weekend.
  4. how did you guess?!

    and by the way can you point out this tw*t and i can tell him my horror stories of how lowas ruined my feet and how i'd rather wear sandpaper on my feet, plus i'd love to hear his space cadet stories
  5. You cant miss him PTI, he's the one who normally stands on his own in the B Coy drill hall then drifts from troop to troop looking for someone to talk to and is normally greeted with a wall of silence, well at least he was by inf last night...either that or look for the tool with the brand spanking new pair of lowas trying to look smug.
  6. Saucer of milk for the ladies in the corner!
  7. Still not a scoobies who you're on about...
  8. I'm Acoy so I haven't a clue who your all on about. There are always a few smug cadets and a few lazy arses that get on everyones nerves but i think the majority are Aok!
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    How about a good story about 'poorlytrainednumpty' or is he/she as boring as his post? :lol:
  10. No, plenty of stories to be told about PTI... ;)
  11. Mainly ex-cadet Nazis, especially B coy arselickers. And those officers that pretend to be all studenty then turn around and be bitchy in your face. Can't say much more due to the lurkers on the board (yeh, you know who you are!).

    Otherwise the staff are okay, especially two of the more 'warry' JUOs in particular and the new Cambrian officer :p :p :p
  12. Thanq graa
  13. I try to be so cripplingly apathetic I'm unable to loath anyone, but ex-cadet nazis do grind a little after a while. Not all the ex-cadets are bad though.
  14. 'I've got this long term injury in my knee/spine/mind that only shows its face on day two of the exercise, just as the sleep deprevation starts or it looks like it might rain.'

    'Well when I was in the...(insert pretty much anything here) we always wore our thermal leggings on our head for warmth'

    'Fooking Students, all they do is come in here and demand food, even though we are chefs, who are supposed to be cooking for them, and who do bugger all else all day except sit on our arrse's, stuffing our faces with the spare food and reading Nuts.'

    That'll do for now. You've got me all angry just thinking about them....
  15. FCUKING FLUFFY JUOs Really Pee Me Off.