So Which One Of You Was It?

I don't believe I have to speak about this in a public forum.


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It was not me, it was a big boy who ran away.

(Straight into the arms of Inspector Knacker of West Yorks Police),
The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier QC, queried if the case should be fast-tracked under Olympic rules, but was told Crosbie had not specifically targeted the Chinese team members.
He said: "This offence is technically an Olympic offence because the victims were members of the Chinese swimming team who were training at facilities here in Leeds."
An Olympic offence? Will he be tested for steroids as well?
Not me...was too busy spying on the Aussie Ladies beach volleyball te...Doh!
Wish it was me. Always had a thing about Asian birds.
From the Beeb:

"When staff went to find the 25-year-old, he hid in a cubicle and tried to answer them in a female-like voice."

Am I the only one thinking of Life of Brian - "Are there any women here today?"

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