So which is better?

Have just spent a looooong time on the autobahn with no "rest breaks" and started needing a slash about an hour ago.

You know how it starts with the tingle and then the pressure which slowly but relentlessly builds into pain then agony and then excuriating torture until you feel your bladder is going to explode and you can thnk of nothing else except going for a slash, nothing and I mean nothing not even the chance of being killed on the hard shoulder will stop you going.

Then you get the chance to go.

The relief. The absolute peace and well being you feel is the best thing in the world at that moment.

Of course the same could be said of the dreaded Turtles head moment.

The same pressures, albeit in a different location, are brought to bear and the same but different thoughts and feelings race through your body and mind.

Then you get to take a dump. Aahhhh

So which is better?

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