So which has the greatest utility - 16 AA bde, or 3 Cdo Bde ?

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by dergeneral, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. Thread title says it all. Discuss. (Had an argument in a bar about this and whether we get more for our £ from an Air Assault or a Commando Brigade. Interested to know what arrsers think....without this descending into a slanging match. Hence the post in the civilised and aerated realms of the Staff Officers board).
  2. That 'bloke' is an idiot, of course. Together they can kick some serious ass, as has been provin in the past. Separately, depending on the situation, they can also kick some serious ass; as can any other Bde in the British Army.

    Now go back and poke both of yourselves in the eyes and carry on as if normal.
  3. Easy, 16AAB.

    They aren't allowed Ipods so therefore can never surrender them to Iranians :)

    And on a slightly more serious note, bone question that has been around since the first day that we had a standing army at the same time as another infanteer force that were cap badged to the RN.

    They are both very, very good at what they do. If I had to pick one to support me in my attempted coup, it would be 16 AAB but that is simply because it is a far more "integrated" and larger organisation that theoretically doesn't need anyone outside of 16 AAB to operate.

    3 Bde needs logistical support in the field from elsewhere or would fold. That isn't a criticism, it's just reality.

    As for the (because this is what it comes down to) Para vs Marine argument, I will say what I have always said, they are both excellent infanteers and are both very, very good at what they do. They aren't SF, they aren't "supermen" but they are both very capable and extremely professional.

    Personally I think that all British Infantry are nails and that the chaps that end up going out with them and re-rolling as infantry (as many of my cap badge have) are equally as nails. The Paras and the Booties just have a bit more "panache". Choosing between them is a futile exercise as neither have been used in their "true" roles for decades. Can anyone honestly say that the Paras or Marines have made a "better job" of deployments in Iraq or Afghanistan than the line infantry? They were all fcuking brilliant.

    I'd still go for Para though, but that's only because if I didn't want to get sucked off by a bloke I would only have to avoid Mortars with the Paras as opposed to the entire force with the Marines :)
  4. We all know the Paras are better because of 49 Para - Case closed!
  5. Kill yourself you boring tool.
  6. There is more land that there is coastline. So in theory an air assault and airborne brigade is more deployable than an amphibious assualt brigade. This is in terms of square kilometers only.
  7. Took about one reply for this to descend into slagging.....ARRSE at it's finest.

    This was a serious question. £ for £, which delivers more - 16 or 3 Cdo Bde ? Which is a different question from "Who is best - Paras or Marines ?"
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Don't Marines jump out of planes also?

    A kind of two for one deal

    Taxi and be bloody quick about it
  9. Some do, but didn't paratroopers (2 battallions) land in boats in 1982?

  10. As did many other Regiments and Corps
  11. Some didn't, despite advice from Royal and paid the price.

    For the OP; How many pints had been consumed and had either of you actually served in either 16 AA Bde or 3 Cdo Bde RM?
    Whilst Inter-Service/Unit rivalries can be productive in sports and 'In house' morale building, this type of debate is rather similar to the endless "Waffen SS or Allied Troops who was bestest" borefests indulged in by Re-enactors and Interweb warriors and therefore as quantifiable as how many fairies one can get on the head of a pin.

    BZ to AuntyStella for his namby pamby AAC take on 'manly' pursuits.
  12. Pits, not much beer and one of us has. This REALLY isn't intended to be a "Who is bestest ?" - "Who was hardest - SS or Spetsnaz" type discussion. We were in a bar talking about VERY radical ways for the services to save cash. (You know the sort of endless slightly drunken "Support helicopters should belong to the Army" "Why do the gunners fly UAVs ?" "RAF could be replaced by teenagers flying UAVs" sort of discussion). My mate reckons that we only ever use one of 3 Cdo or 16 at a time - so wondered whether maybe we could do without one.

    So which one ?
  13. The the jumping out of planes and splashing about on a beach taken out of the equation 16AAB and 3Cdo Bde are the same as all the other Bdes in the Army.

    How they preform depends on the task they have been given, how the Bde wants to achieve this.

    I worked with 3Cdo BRF at the start of Herrick 6 and found them very professional and very good looking, never got the chance to work with them on Ops as we were in the process of taking over from them.

    I've worked with guys from 3 and 2 para on courses and found them extremely professional but not quite s good looking as the marines.

    I've worked with various attached arms from 16AAB and they appear to be more preoccupied with trying to prove they're not hats, mainly by callign everyone else a hat every ten seconds.

    So in a very long winded way when it comes down to it there is no difference between the two
  14. I think its a mistake to define either by their supposed means of delivery into theatre or manoeuvreability therein. Both are more than capable of delivering devastating effect anywhere on the ground; often by very similar means, occasionally in their own special ways. Neither can operate on an enduring basis without support and therefore the capability of both is defined thus; they are only as good as their CS and CSS (there's an SDSR message in there somewhere).
  15. No, but I did serve in 5AB Bde. How about you?