So which ARRSER posted a vid on youtube?

Bravo_Bravo said:
You might like to add "NSFW".
Also fat white geezer who doesn't like the truth.

When do reckon he last saw his feet and d1ck? :D
HA HA ! that is pure quality !
Nightrained said:
Fat guy not impressed

Seriously, which user is this? :wink:
Fcukin hell NT, your packing the beef on kiddo. Nice accent though, sounds like you really are American. Good effort.
Excellent. He did waffle a bit though.
So, where was Vera with the aspirin while he was bursting a blood-vessel? Getting some from the pool-boy, I reckon. After all, her old man is a fat f*ck who spends all his time making wanky videos to put on Youtube.
I notice he had a wedding ring on, i wonder if this is his missus.. :?


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