So, Where The Bloody Hell Are You.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by IrishGuard, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. Word is that the British banned this Australian Advertisement because of the use of the word 'Bloody'

    My understanding is that the ban has been lifted.

    British society is certainly changing from what I knew it to be. :roll: (Select View the TV Ad and then Video Version and turn on your sound)
  2. Yes, for some reason the advertising watchdog took exception to it.

    I won't be visiting anyway as I don't like aeroplanes or hot weather.
  3. I think the p.c. cretin who banned it was informed it was actually british slang

  4. Apparently it has caused a shirt fight in the US and Canada as well

    I love the quote from the American Family Association spokesman

    "I guess they use it all the time in Australia, but it's a foreign language here so I think it'll have a negative impact rather than positive."

    Ahem, it's English, not a foreign language, you narrow minded goose.
  5. The Aussies use the word "wnaker" more liberally than us, it's no big deal there.

    Used to love Paul Hogan's stuntman "Leo Wnaker" back in the days when he was funny.

    "Where the bloody hell are you, wnakers?"

    Now there's a cracking tag-line!
  6. on earth can Gordon Ramsay get on TV in UK and abroad then? Or is the very oft repeated F word in his shows quite different and therefore acceptable?
  7. Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on US telly:

    BLEEP! that BLEEP! pasta dish was BLEEP! BLEEP! Honestly, this BLEEP! restaurant needs to pull it's BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP! act together. BLEEP! what the BLEEP! is this creme brulee BLEEP! made out of, I've tasted BLEEP! better from BLEEP! Tescos.

  8. I just saw this ad on TV a few days ago with the word "bloody" removed. (Apparently, "Where the hell are ya?" is still a snappy tagline.)

    I don't think it was a redub...I wonder how much that re-shoot cost, or did the agency know it was going to get banned and put an alternate ending in the can? It was, after all, shot for people outside Australia -- knowing how standards vary, I would have.

    You're right about the beeps! It ups the implied naughtiness factor. Unless you're watching HBO, in which case you'll get some full frontal schlongage if you're lucky.
  9. "I bet you the won't play this song on the radio...."

  10. You should see the parody that has been banned. It can be found at Let me know what you think.
  11. When I saw the final shot of the bird on the beach, I thought (unusual I know!!)

    I know here I'd like to be!
  12. Maybe they're pished off that so many members of the British Army army are migrating to Australia?

    What are your thoughts Mickshin? :wink:

  13. Also a contraction of "By Our Lady "