So where has the discussion on the Queens Birthday List Gone

Discussion in 'RLC' started by rabid spaniel, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. Has 2fast4You managed to delete it all?

    Has his dad proved to be bigger than MODs dad?

    Has free speech gone the same way?

    In the absence of anything to bump..............BUMP.
  2. I wonder.................................... :?
  3. We received a complaint (predictably) so it's been removed.

    However, I have screenshots of all of '2Fast4Us' inane dribblings which will now feature on a dedicated Wiki page for....errr....future scholarship.
  4. Gone but not forgotten; it truly was a great thread. Shame about the complaint especially given that 2fast4you had enough warnings but continued to bite.
  5. Well, for those that wish to read it again, here it is!
  6. Awesome!!! :lol:
  7. Just out of interest, whilst I appreciate you probably can't say who complained (CO 3 LSR? Maj Osborne?), what was the nature of the complaint? Were the bigger boys a bit rough with Junior, or were certain individuals a bit embarrassed to find the seed of their loins making the family name look tonk online?

    Just being nosey......
  8. And did you, as I have heard, reveal the names of those posting? Duty rumour is mods have linked real names to forum names - kind of PERSEC breach, particularly for those no longer serving.
  9. I was at 3CS with both Father and Son, if my memory serves me correctly father was a stingy jock git, son was a scrawny little cheb who the joined the pt corps.
  10. LMAO

    I bet Daddy is well chuffed with this thread!! :rofl:
  11. Whatever you've heard Really? Fascinating?, names haven't come from me. I haven't been in the RLC since March 1996 and have lost touch with all those I served with. I only know the real identities of four Arrsers on here, and none are or were RLC. Your mole lies elsewhere.
  12. Good good. Then I shall regard myself as told off! As for the complaint - warranted I am sure
  13. hmmm the same "Allegedly" QM who switched of the oil to the heater in the singley block for the winter to save money, and freeze all the soldiers "Allegedly" <--- dont wish to upset anyone, now in a free speech forum
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    All your suppositions could be true but it got a bit heated so was pulled. You naughty naughty boys.
  15. Well, here's another complaint! 'Grrrr - I'm really angry and am complaining that the thread has gone!!' .....Now you can put it back again!! Easy!