So, when is Army 2020 being announced?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by 123, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. 123

    123 LE

    It keep getting delayed. Is there a definite date yet? Will the new structure purely be to reorganise the Army around the new number of soldiers, or will it have money saving aspects of its own? Is the money that is to be saved going to come primarily from the number of soldiers who have been made redundant, as a sort of one off saving, or is the new structure going to be cheaper to run entirely? How?
  2. The MoD are waiting to see if any more ideas (uniform, equipment, training levels, etc) are thrown up by the thread 'African infantryman of the year'. Then they will incorporate the cheapest and most stupid ideas into the New Army.
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  3. Trooping the Colour on rollerskates?
  4. ]Fixed that for you.
  5. My remiss! :)
  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    It's traditional to announce bad/controversial news just before the Parliamentary Recess so my guess would be 17 July.
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  7. I have been told by RHQ RTR that Thursday 5th July is the day. They told me that they are 95% certain
  8. I would bet a significant amount of somebody else's money on this Thursday (05 Jul), nobody has told me this and I have no inside information, I just feel it in my water :)
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  9. So when is Army 2020 being announced?

    Well, given that we were issued with the SA80 in 1991 and CS95 in 2000, I wouldn't fret about leaving space on this year's year planner.
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  10. I also heard 5 Jul from a mucker in MB. A lot of people knock the politicians for being nancy boys who refuse to grasp the nettle but I suspect many are actually quite keen to show that they are not afraid of making "difficult decisions" and I don't expect these rhino skinned wallies feel too sensitive about when the announcement is made. What we fail to realise is that while the loss of 350 years of purple hackles in the 1st Bn the Loamshires matters a great deal to us, the general public don't really give a f**k. They look at it with mild disinterest, and then, in the words of Gen Lamb, turn the telly over to Corrie and wonder if it's chips for tea tonight.
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  11. 2021.
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  12. 123

    123 LE

    Whaaaat? That's an outrage!!!!! Those sleazy politicians.
  13. I heard you were being disbanded.

    Willing and suitable applicants could apply to the Royal Marines for a life aboard the grey funnel line... although the SBS said something about the SAS and Paras being hats... so need not apply.
  14. I believe it's been cancelled. Not much point trying to organise a cricket tournament when the weather's like this.
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  15. 123

    123 LE

    I like.