So What's with the UF'ologists anyway?

Okay, every body's having a bang up time taking the micky out of the UF geeks over their slavish devotion to the TV, what I want to know is:

Is UF that good a show?.. I mean is it more 'real ' than Charlie Sheen in Navy Seals.. or Chuck Norris in Delta Force?...

Is this the best damn Brit TV show since Doctor Who?..

don't think so..

the series MI5 is currently running in my neighbourhood and it seems at least as slick as most US primetime fodder..

Still, I miss the ' good old days' on Brit TV [ and I don't mean Benny Hill - well, maybe ] anyone else old enough to recall The Sandbaggers? or Minder?

Never got into Inspector Morse or the knock off efforts, though Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren was no' bad...and Cracker.. well.. hoo haw...

still, other than Monty Python, the only ' real good stuff' I remember was Patrick McGoohan's efforts.. Danger Man and the Prisoner...and, oh, yeah, the original Avengers....

thank the gawds for DVD collections...if I had to sit through another episode of American Idol, Fear Factor or Survivor..I'd barf my guts out..

So.. who has a handle on the best of TV still out there for viewing...and don't all shout " 24 "....
Awaiting the "Bad Girls" forum, its more in my line of work :lol:
Watched a couple of episodes of UF, the first lot. Unimpressed so gave up.

Bring back Monty Python!
Minder was a load of crap.... Waterman can't sing,... :lol: and did you really sit and watch American Idol?
Jeez your so brave or were you in it??? :wink:
Old Brit TV goes down well with me. I have the complete Yes Minister and Series 2 & 4 of Minder on DVD.
We are now offered BBC Prime but too many repeats, some shows 4 times in one day.
I'll not mention the DVD porn available in Bangkok, or so they tell me.


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I hope Dora takes that bracelet off before she goes 'exploring' the monkey.
Whatever happened to "Good night Sweetheart" ?
In no particular order:

1. Faulty Towers.

2. Phoenix Nights.

3. Teachers.

All Class Brit TV. The West Wing is about the best thing to come out of Spam Land in the last few years.
West Wing? Naw "Buffy the vampire slayer" is much better
Best Comedy on TV:
1.Pheonix Nights
2.Max and Paddy's Road to nowhere
3.Keith Barret Show
4.World Shut your mouth
5.Little Britain
6.Ultimate Force
YANK60 said:
I've heard of a show over there called "Absolutely Fabulous". Is it any good?
You can get that here on BBC America seen it twice seems OK
UF is a good laugh, and quite a good release as it's very over the top - well done to Ross Kemp!!! :p

It reminds me of 'Who Dares Wins', what a great movie that is - and the Professionals.

Phoenix Nights and Little Brittain are my current favourites.

Red Dwarf was the last thing I found really entertaining before I chucked the infernal box out the house.
RCSignals said:
Whatever happened to "Good night Sweetheart" ?
How the hell did that manage to run for so long!!!!! The only decent thing Lyndhurst has been in is....erm..hang'll come to me........Butterflies?

Bring back 'Allo 'allo.

Loads of cheap sci-fi things....
Current favourite way to waste my life... Brat Camp. It is fcuking brilliant.

Can anyone remember the Preston Front? That was hillarious, especially a guy called "Polson"?/? maybe. Who was ex-reg but left for a bird and was now stuck in the TA.

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