So whats this {Delpost}, then?

If this is a mong question, please don't let Flashy know. Otherwise he'll be pulling his usual "fückin t'ickie bog-trotter" number on me and I'll never hear the last of it. :)

I've noticed that when I sometimes post (but not every time, strangely), an additional little box appears in the top right-hand corner. When I hover the arrow thingy over it, it says: { Delpost }.

I've been loath to click on it, since I'm not sure if it'll start an episode of "Only Fools and Horses", or somesuch. But what does it do?

This is actually a serious question from a Mick who's sadly lacking in the IT department, so please treat it as such. Unless you're Flashy, of course, when you won't give a fück about "seriosity". :)

missing language definition for the software. This should be replaced by the site's 'template engine' by "delete post" or whatever in another language if they're installed. A minor problem I've been meaning to sort out for ages.
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