So? What's the Best Ratio/Balance?

Over on the Multinational forum we've been dissing/discussing the sad state of the Canajan Armed [?] Forces and the [un]funding support from the government.. Got me thinking about the Brit gripes about the ' rationalization ' of the UK Military under Bliar and, of course, Dubya is being pressured over the cost of committments in Afghanistan and Iraq and the drain/strain on the Reserves back home..
so, question is.. What's a good number?

Canada claims 65,000 all ranks/branches and the figure bandied about is 12,000 at NDHQ as pencil pushers...US has 150,000 in Iraq [ give or take] but only about 35,000 are pointy-end types...haven't heard what the ratio is in Britland..

We all know that back in WW2 not everyone was a Para/commando taking out the Hun behind enemy lines or ' at the front ' sticking it to the Boche..more boys earned their campaign medals getting paper cuts and dropping supply boxes on their toes.. not to mention those that held down the ' home front '..

So, what is a good tally of support personnel to fighting troops.. 6 for 1??
Just what does it take in manpower to keep those who shoot to kill operational? Right now, I know, that we in Canuckistan aren't at ' optimum ' [ whatever that is ] by a long shot.. or that we have enough numbers to meet our committments.. as a percentage of the population, our military is pitiful [ but, given financing, we couldn't afford to keep a higher count ]..

What's the scoop on UK/US Force strength/ratios.. back end to front end balance..etc?

Given the cost to Dubya and the limits expressed America-side [ despite the fact that the US spends a whackload of dough on its military -far in excess of any other country ] how much is just enough/too much [ %of GNP ]
I know what Canada spends and its pennies.. what's the UK figure?
" Canada claims 65,000 all ranks/branches and the figure bandied about is 12,000 at NDHQ as pencil pushers"

Amasing, isn't it. Considering that's just NDHQ and doesn't include the figures of pencil pushers at all the other HQs.

The 65,000 figure, if it's even that high, includes those 12,000 at NDHQ, so if you add in all the pencil pushers at other HQs, it could be approaching 1/3 to 1/2 the Forces. That doesn't include the real support personnel, the medics, the bin rats, the drivers, the fixers etc etc.

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