So Whats the ARRSE Vote?

Who should get the vote?

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Hello Like-Minded People,

So tonight, I had a Bloke at the door asking how I would be voting in the local elections?

Having been in the Army for +20 years, I have never bothered! Well what was the point and who really knows how to when you are either on deployment or posted overseas?

So, he tells me that he is the 'Local' candidate and that the others do not live in this area.

I cannot find the difference between the Political Parties:

In my humble opinion, they all want out cash for their wages, they all want to Tax me in everyway possible, and none of them support my motorcycle!

So, what ever the many 1000s of years of military experience ( yes you lot ) votes, I will vote for that party!

If you can tell me why, then that is an added bonus!

You also should have independants in your poll as some will be considerably better than the main parties.

And by that i mean the likes of martin bell rather than MonsterRavingLonnyParty.
I dont care as long as long as it doesnt look like Blair, walk like Blair or talk like Blair.....


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scotlass said:
I dont care as long as long as it doesnt look like Blair, walk like Blair or talk like Blair.....
I knew there was a reason I loved you, other than your undoubyed charm, wit and beauty!
Use your vote tactically to remove a sitting Labour candidate or keep a prospective one out.

Look upon every election as a spoiling attack until this vicious rabble are put back in opposition and then continue to do so until they are consigned to the political wilderness
Well i wont be voting for my local candidate in the Local Elections he recons women dont deserve to be paid the same rate as men for the same job, bonnets on the green come voting day.....


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bigbird67 said:
the looneys get my vote!
Now why does that hold no surprises? :D
There are only two parties to concentrate on.. Labour or Tories.. if people concentrated on just THOSE two then Labour would not get in through the back door unless of course people really love Tony Balony..

See if you all start going off and voting for UKIP or Lib Dems... then you strengthen Tony's chance of getting re-elected...

I say Tories ... but actually I don't know really I just want Blair out.. however I find it a bit ignorant when people back clearly dead horses .. and waste their frigging vote...
My point entirely.. twot.. anyone but Labour ... oh ok then vote for a party with no chance and instead of using your vote sensibly and getting Labour out of the picture... give them a chance of staying in the picture.. if Labour win this year then I believe that everyone really loves Tony...
theoriginalphantom said:
Monster Raving Loony

Possibly the most sensible party ever?
Loony Party on Defence

All WMD’s (weapons of Mass Distraction) will be made highly visible so that we can find them.

Any politician wanting to start a war will be shipped off to the country in question with a bag of conkers. They can then conker the country themselves.

The white cliffs of Dover will be painted blue to camouflage our islands.

Buckingham Place will be defended by triffids, cultivated by Prince Charles.

Anyone criticising defence will be made to mend it with de hammer and de nails.

Seems better run already :D
And to close their 2005 manifesto, the Loony Party stated

"To keep up with the present government we promise to introduce many policies that have not been thought through properly, purely for cheap votes.

These include:

* Making everyone a lottery winner
* Providing beer for school children
* Giving everyone a quid who votes for us"

HMMMMM sounds like there ready for government :D

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