So? What's On For The Weekend?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, May 21, 2004.

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  1. The Large Print Edition of my Desk Calendar tells me that, while us Canajans are celebrating a long dead queen [ we are not amused ] and our US compadres are trying to remember ' heroes' from previous conflicts on Memorial Day come Monday.. you lot, in Blighty, are ' celebrating '[?] an, oh so low key, event called Spring Bank Holiday {?}...

    does that mean everyone sits around in the communal veggie alottment hoping for some sunshine? or is this down time only reserved for government toadies, and the usual assortment of crown corporation and arms length agency types.. oh, and I suppose the banks...

    do we have to ask Rummy Rumsfeld to flick the panic button up a notch to Orange Alert since most of North America and the British Isles will be ' hors de combat with hangovers come Tuesday morning??

    or is this all a non issue and you lot.. having real, not imagined, jobs will be toiling under the flourescents and in the bowels of the earth as usual..

    for me, my lawn chair is alligned with stars and I'm ready to watch the frost leave the ground at 12:01 on Monday...
  2. I will be spending memorial Day in proper American the gun range shooting everything in sight! :D :lol:
  3. I'll be teaching PW drills as my unit does MOUT training. Could it be a better weekend...?
  4. Ill be getting shite-ers watching the football on saturday and shite-ers at a BBQ on sunday.
    Anyone in the Portsmouth area is more than welcome, except BB & LNV, my neighbours have rabbits!!
  5. I'm leaving on a jet plane Saturday Morning arriving back in the UK Sunday morning, get picked up by the missus and then give her a good seeing to when we get home.
  6. It,s Whitsuntide bank holiday really. Thirty years ago the civil service decided to make it the last Monday in May (they could book their flights to Tuscany well in advance) and couldn't call it Whit, 'cos Whit is a moveable feast.
  7. It's Man U v some southern shandy drinking nancy team. I'm off to the local at 1 as the build up starts there. I'm Manchester City before you slate me, but any excuse to sit in the pub, drink to excess, wee down my kecks, leave and buy a large mixed kebab (with everything on, including the dead flys) around 6, and then come on ARRSE and taunt everyone is okay in my books. Sunday will be spent taking my dear old Papa out for dinner, but only cos we go to a pub, and he buys me round after round after round !! No wonder his pension doesn't go far!! Sunday night will again no doubt be spent wasting my time here on ARRSE. Or I may get lucky and cop off with the local yeti (again) which means Sunday night piissing my dosh up against the pub wall.
  8. Ahhhhh, the weekend,..... that'll be spent looking for new parts, quotes and other things associated with crashed cars! :oops:
  9. Mine will be spent torturing the missus with the "Rampant Rabbit" that she purchased from Ann Summers last night.

    After doing much research (and much tugging) on the matter via the wonders of broadband MPEGS, I reckon I am going to get my knob sucked to the equivelant of sticking it into the intakes of Concordes engines, all for the cost of 3 AA batteries :D
  10. I am bloody working :x
    the things I do for the bloody sick, lame and lazy :x

    Hope you all get drunk, have a curry and get a severe dose of the trotts :twisted:
  11. Same here, except it's not crashed, just eaten an inlet valve. I reckon that Mitsubishi must employ a team of double-jointed homunculi, with disproportionately strong biceps to assemble these things. Taking this apart is going to do for the whole weekend. :evil: :evil:

  12. Just take it to a garage,...... pay them to get their hands dirty! :wink:
  13. Can't do that, I'm well into it already, and it's a waste of good beer tokens.
    Besides which, I'd have the proverbial taken out of me by the lads, something rotten! :evil: :evil:
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Highly recommended! :twisted:
  15. Yep.......I gave QMan's wife a 'Rabbit' for her birthday. Keeps her happy whilst I'm away 8) .