So Whats Blair Done Lately?...

see that the esteemed leader of North Korea, Kim Il Jung has added another set of accomplishments to his list.

fighter pilot, opera creator/singer, movie producer/director/writer/star and, of course, enlightened leader of the masses..but, it was announced yesterday that, in taking up golf for the very first time, he managed to make 11[!!!] Holes-in-One his first time out on the course!!..

what a man!.. Tiger Woods' bits must be shrivelling at the announcement.. who could possibly top that?

so..what's Tony doing to keep himself in the top ranks of world leadership?
He's in the Caribbean at some millionaire's luxury pad and was photographed jumping off a yacht. Shame it wasn't in imitation of "Cap'n Bob" Maxwell. Can I be locked up for saying that yet?
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