So, what you drinking?

I haven't had this since the 70's and spotted it going cheap at the supermarket recently.
It's going down pretty well unfortunately so tomorrow just might not happen.

I brought loads of that back from an exercise in 1995. It didn’t last long!


Had a bottle of this over the weekend. A couple of us drained it. I'm not a vodka drinker considering it to generally taste like redistilled JP8 and best used as tart fuel. Not this lot. Drunk neat without mixers, very smooth. Need to restock.

Went to local beer shop yesterday. Mrs R found a beer voucher that was recycled!
Four pints of rum cask cider (think the original is Whiteheads of Hampshire)
New canned beer from Gosport, all good stuff.
All out back of the Golden Lion, Southwick. Campers are welcome under that scheme they have. The pub is where Monty and Ike went to escape Southwick House. Monty had fruit juice, Ike liked a beer.


Aldi are selling 'Pierre Jaurant' wines which appear to be an obscure Aldi own brand label. If you pull the cork you'll find 'Family Mas' printed on it. The Mas family is quite a large and well regarded French series of vineyards.

Worth a punt.
Never been a big fan of hoppy IPAs but the new "hazy IPAs" (also called New England IPAs) have dialed the hoppiness back quite a bit and are very tasty. And this beauty has 7.5% alcohol to boot.

Vodoo Ranger.jpg
What I’ve found with Craft US IPAs, they tend to be very citrusy. I’m guessing that’s what you mean by dialling back on the hoppiness?
It does have a citrus taste, but it is also less hopped than regular IPAs.

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