So, what you drinking?

Not now but last night I had some Bundy (Bundaberg) on the rocks, a couple of jager bombs and some whatever beer. Hey, it was cheap. And apparently, I am on a path of self destruction. At least I got a phone number. From another Kiwi chick. Kill me.


Beer Moretti . Had a couple of pints out earlier & now got a bottle of it indoors . Nice malty lager until someone decides they can make it cheaper in Swindon and call it ‘Italian-influenced’ or some such :rolleyes:
Devastated to report that my long-held yet smallee 200 ml bottle of Angostura Bitters with its oversized label* rendered its final three droplets - barely sufficient to invigorate my large G & T. :cry:

Happy ending - Just to add that a third of a teaspoon of neat Gin into the wee bottle was swirled around & proved ample to invigorate a 2nd large G & T :)

i was poisoned yesterday, it started at 1300 and ended at 1730.
seems 7 pints of guinness does that to you these days
There is a thread for lightweights somewhere and I think you should pop off and join ‘em (can’t find wink icon).
i bow to your chronic serous of the liver and superior drinking ability of diamond white & special brew.
to-night me and Doris will be drinking this to celebrate her clickety clicks birthday

had a tiny snifter when I opened it , it is now sitting breathing and getting a bit warmer
tasted lovely, should be even better by 7pm

Bought two bottles of this today. One is going into tomorrow’s Beef Pot Roast and the other has my name on it later.

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