So, what you drinking?

Not now but last night I had some Bundy (Bundaberg) on the rocks, a couple of jager bombs and some whatever beer. Hey, it was cheap. And apparently, I am on a path of self destruction. At least I got a phone number. From another Kiwi chick. Kill me.
Beer Moretti . Had a couple of pints out earlier & now got a bottle of it indoors . Nice malty lager until someone decides they can make it cheaper in Swindon and call it ‘Italian-influenced’ or some such :rolleyes:
Devastated to report that my long-held yet smallee 200 ml bottle of Angostura Bitters with its oversized label* rendered its final three droplets - barely sufficient to invigorate my large G & T. :cry:

Happy ending - Just to add that a third of a teaspoon of neat Gin into the wee bottle was swirled around & proved ample to invigorate a 2nd large G & T :)


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