So, what you drinking?

I went out on the lash with my team from work recently; I stuck to beer (too old now to mix my drinks) and drank respectable amounts of Vedet, Cubanisto, Budweiser and Brewdog 5AM Saint. Felt fine the next morning too... :thumleft:
Now I’m quite partial to a Punk IPA but this has really gripped my sh*t & they can frankly shove their beer up there arse I shall not be buying it again.

Utter liberal, lefty, virtual signalling bollox.

BrewDog has released a 'pink' beer that will be 'cheaper for girls'
They made their name with clever marketing. Some of the beers were/are good craft beers but they seem to have a real attitude problem which may backfire long term.
They released this:


for which they will always remain epic in my opinion.
I was in Lidl (er...getting something for the wife you understand, more of a Waitrose or M&S man myself you know) when I came over all unnecessary and had an urge to buy booze - gin specifically. I went for a bottle of Finton's gin. Slightly sweeter than Gordons but very pleasant and well recommended.
It will be about 6 months teetotalism for me from end of Feb till about Aug. So yeah, cheers to that (with my iced pomegranate on the rocks). ...At least will save a bit of money on the booze bill till then, I guess!;P

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