So, what you drinking?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by redshift, May 19, 2012.

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  1. Me, currently downing shots of bourbon with chasers of these. A friend of mine is moving back to the U.S., so throwing a leaving "do" for him at my place.


    p.s: Yuengling is not bad beer, you Brit guys should try some if you get a chance. I got a case over here from home for some friends. Good stuff.
  2. Asbach and dry ginger.Fucking lush it it too_Or is that me?
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  3. Lucozade Sport.
  4. Had to google for it good?
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  5. Lard..have to keep this 35stone body going somehow
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  6. WHAT your a LUSH??...probably
  7. Its lovely.

    I struggle to get it over here so tinterweb is mein freund
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  8. I believe that it's the nectar of the Gods,others may disagree.Its about the only brandy that I can drink neat or with ice,unless you start paying silly money for fine brandies.
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  9. can remember the three litre bottles in the Naafi, my brother still uses a empty bottle for his change
  10. I am assuming LUSH = Alcoholic in Brit speak? If so, yes. Anyone got a problem? :)

    p.s: Work hard, party even harder - so please.....
  11. Of that my dear,there is no doubt.
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  12. At the mo, Skippy piss.
  13. It comes (or did, once over), in 3 litre bottles from the NAAFI, not on ration either. Cost about DM20? What's not to love?
  14. Don't know ANY brandies...only just starting to grow up in terms of Alcohol, ya know?

    p.s: Have always been a Bourbon man.....
  15. Elephant beer.... Kenya..

    Kicks your cunt in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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