So What you buying the wife ?

She might fancy one of these

I believe that a steam iron is the way to ensure a joyous festive season.
my boss got his mrs a stainless steel cooker hood and another bloke i work with got his a winter survival kit for the car (wee snow shovel, blankets, hi-vis jacket, snow chains etc etc) "i know she needs one, i'm sure she'll like it".

i imagine both of these women fuck around.
Why was I expecting to see something useful in this thread? She wants a diamond and, Chubby Broon jokes aside, aint getting one this year.
Other than that, no fekkin' idea.


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Women are a doddle. Just buy something that has the words Charbonnel Et Walker, Bendicks, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum and Mason, is made by LVMH or has a Royal Warrant on it and isn't a shotgun, tie or Land Rover.
pearl string thong, a meal in a nice restaurant and the best 10 seconds of her life.

They wont fcuk around then.


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Ffs if you are being serious - diamonds are a girls best friend.

BUT this is the Naafi Bar - Therefore a giant strap on to fuck you in the arrse with (or Winston) would clearly be the better option.
I'm giving her £100... 'cos everytime I buy her something "It's the wrong colour/too small/not this season"... I got smacked when I gave her vouchers the other year. I know what's coming though... "£100?... you put no thought into it!" SMACK!
I believe that a steam iron is the way to ensure a joyous festive season.
She's got me, anything else would be superfluous and just spoiling her.

Well I'm in hospital at the moment getting my cock fixed.

It might not be ready in time for Christmas day though.

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