So what type of smock do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. We all have our favs.... Para, SAS, Marine, CS95....?

    But what and why do you use.......? :roll:
  2. CS95. Big pockets, nice and long, ripstop. Everything you want. SAS smocks look good, but don't survive an encounter with a barbed wire fence, or indeed your wrists, given that those I've owned have always frayed at the slighest use.
  3. Never sacrifice style for practicality, SAS smock all the way in the field. Para smock (but only if your in the brotherhood :wink: ) in barracks.
  4. I have an attic full of smocks (SAS, Windproof, Para etc) - however, since CS 95 was issued - that is all I have ever worn. It meets the needs and the windproof is always in the bergan for those cold mornings on operations/exercise when an extra layer is needed. :D
  5. the 95 smock good for me tougher than the sas windproof never needed
    a hood and those zip pockets can hold loads .Had to buy my first one
    but found a £20pound note in it so that was nice :)
  6. SAS Windproof! We are issued them and the CS95 ones so I have a couple to choose from each weekend depending on what we are doing.
  7. Hard wearing cotton - there's no better: -

  8. Which ones you?
  9. I'm the one wondering why you started this thread you fcuking WALT
  10. Ohhhh, fishing rods out guys; I think we have a bite here lol
  11. Waaaaaah!
  12. Its Mine :!:
  13. RARO_Reject

    Don't waste your time reading it then......

    Hope you have a nice day.....


    P.S. Not
  14. and s'cuse my ignorance but what's a marine smock look like??